iTunes purchases re-download



setting up macBook Pro with a new HDD and trying to download all my songs movies and shows i purchased from iTunes.
Do I have to click on the “cloud” icon on each and single song to have it download to this MacBooks iTunes?
Is there a way of selecting them all and downloading it in one step?


Account -> Check for Available Downloads?


What about Select All then right click and choose make available offline or download?

I really don’t know, just spitballing here


thanks guys… unfortunately no luck.

i really wanted to avoid clicking 500 times LOL


What about Account -> Purchased, then in each of the sections (Songs/Movies/TV Shows etc at the top right), there’s a button that says “Download All” at the bottom right?



Create a smart album with every item in it. Then click the “download from cloud” icon at top (not in song list). Not at a mac atm but will screenshot later.


I must have something setup differently, mine is showing Family Purchases but even if I follow that route there is no Download All button anywhere in any of the sections of Music Movies or TV Shows…


thanks mate