Jony Ive, iPhone designer, announces Apple departure

This is going to be interesting!

It could mean we get some ports back!

Why would it mean that?

Yay! maybe we’ll get some fun designs back.



I think you’re all a bit fanciful in thinking that anything much will change. Just because he has let doesn’t mean they will suddenly change their whole design philosophy.

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He’s still going to be involved- just outsourced…

No change except maybe his income.

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For me there has been some good stuff but over all this minimalist approach to design has forgotten about function! I like PORTS! Dam you Ives and Cook!!! I hope that apple will see the error in there ways and open up a new area of design language that surpasses what we have. I think Mr Ives is way to concerned with form and it’s given away by the name of his new company … loveform… For FU(Ks sake!

Wow thats big!

Jony designed many fantastic machines at Apple. iMac G3, MacBook Pro Unibody, iBook G4, MacBook Air (2010), iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad 2 and iPad Pro 10.5 are amongst my favourites.

In terms of his work in interface design I personally loved iOS 7’s design - was such a breath of fresh air, and in general still looks modern today. Even better was Yosemite - The new look that debuted with Yosemite I have always thought was the flat design done perfectly. Perhaps the iOS flat design is a little too flat in some areas, but Yosemite I thought struck the perfect balance.

I still love this video:

I do however think that his legacy in pushing and pushing for thinner and thinner designs at the expense of repairability and at times usability is a less positive aspect of his legacy.

Hopefully in this new arrangement Jony keeps making great designs at Apple and perhaps with a further push towards environmental sustainability.


Can you really pin the “thin is best” mentality solely on Jony? It was probably more the case of Apple dictating how they want the product to be and him designing around those specifications.

Ah the diffused responsibility defence! :slight_smile:

From everything I’ve read, he has had a significant role in determining the design direction and a significant amount of controller over products. Everyone can draw their own conclusions, but thats how I interpret it from everything I’ve read and heard.

I’ve always had the perception that Jony was behind it. Don’t forget he was involved with the design of the TAM - Apple’s thinnest desktop of the time.

My take on it is Jony is a great designer, but needs direction/someone to say yes/no. That person may have been Steve Jobs. Thats just my theory anyway.


Apple is an increasingly marketing-driven company.

Blaming Jony Ive for driving Apple’s product line toward thinner designs overlooks the influence of marketing chief Phil Schiller, or hardware engineering chief Dan Riccio.

Apple’s problems with form over function, questionable build quality and poor reliability (depending who you ask, I’m basing it on number of service and repair extension programs) are a company culture issue, not attributable to one individual.

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I’d argue that he is complicit, as is the whole company to varying degrees but don’t ask me how much - we all have to take care of our carbon foot print.

The shame of it is - the MacBook Air was a great product. It fit a market. But, there was no need for instance for the iMac to become the dimensions that is has become - nor the more powerful functional laptops.