Latest 13" MacBook Pro keyboard

Does the latest 13" MacBook Pro keyboard have the same problems as the earlier butterfly versions? I have searched online and can’t find any reports of problems with it other than people just not liking it.


If you’re looking to purchase it, I wouldn’t chance it - Apple still has the current crop of 13 inch MacBooks + MacBook Airs on a repair program. I think we’ll see a 13/14 inch MacBook Pro with the new keyboard very soon.

That being said you do get 4 years of free keyboard repairs. Not nearly long enough for the period I keep machines for, but if 4 years is reasonable to you then maybe its not an issue.

Do you have a crystal ball? What chance a new model with scissor keyboard in stores before Easter? I really have to buy a new machine around then. My plan was to wait but events have forced my hand. My current MbP is a 2013 model and has just died. I’m living in Tanzania at the moment, the prices here are about 25% above Australian prices and I’ll be home briefly at Easter - just over 4 weeks. I bought the cheapest Windows machine I could find locally to tide me over and felt so dirty!


The rumours that I recall reading were suggesting the “First half” of 2020…

There is talk of a spate of March releases (such as for the iPhone SE2 and possibly Apple’s Tile competitor) but maybe it will be a June refresh at WWDC. Hard to tell.

Can you stretch for a 16 inch Pro?

No I can’t buy a 16" model. I will pull the trigger next Monday so Apple need to get their skates on and announce the immediate availability of new models in the next few days.

Unfortunately I don’t think it will happen. As long as you’re fine with the potential for keyboard failure after 4 years you should be fine.

Bought the current up base MBP in October for miss entropy. She is giving it quite a thrashing. No probs so far. I think you would be OK, and if not, free repair.

However if it isn’t urgent I would wait as the rumours suggest a refresh imminent and you might get the 16 inch keyboard.

Good to know. Thanks Entropy.