Life Without Plastic


I do wonder what the cost difference is to manufacture these on a per bottle basis?

What does a virgin bottle cost?
How much more does it does to make the 25% recycled version?
What would it cost to make a 100% recycled version?

Are we talking dollars difference or cents?

For interest, OMO EcoActive is currently on sale for $16.00 (normally $21.99) at Woolies making $1 increase only 5%.



$21.99 RRP
$9.99 Wholesale
$5.00 total cost price

So, from there… First google site I found suggested around US$0.85 for a “cream size bottle & cap”. So, I’d have to estimate at least $2 of the cost price is going toward the fairly sizable plastic container for Omo… Worst case - $0.50 extra to use 25% non-virgin materials.

On a per item basis, the profit margin would not reduce markedly, however given the volume of product shipped… that would soon add up.


Unilever would buy millions of those bottles - cost price is likely to be closer to 20c than $2!