Lightning cables recommendations?


Given the plethora of options available, seeking experiences and recommendations for lightning cables.

Looking for durable, most likely braided. I am very good at keeping them in top condition, though other users are quite heavy handed/less experienced in maintaining their longevity.

I have looked at quite a few, and recognise quality comes wit a cost. Though when an Ekevation Labs dock with a 6’ cable is only $10 more (or $10-$15 less) at an AU retailer, there must be others out there I am not seeing…



I like the Aldi ones. $7.99. I buy a couple every time they go on sale. My family likes to lose them. Haven’t had one fail yet, and the ones in the car don’t fall apart like the Apple ones did.


I’ve had lots of cheap eBay ones fail over the years yet the Apple genuine ones have always worked flawlessly, even if they are falling apart. It’s a real shame they aren’t braided and/or just more durable.

I have a couple of Anker cables which have performed very well, even in the car where it sits in the heat and sun.

I look forward the a USBC world where cheap cables abound!


I got me one of these, works well, very durable. Plus if it does get damaged or fail, Amazon CS will probably replace it.


I have looked at Anker a few times. The Powerline+ II 6ft are $49.99 each (can’t purchase direct form Anker as it seems USA only).

which is the same price to the Elevation Lab Cord Dock at Try and Byte

which comes with a 6" cable

Anker has a lifetime warranty v 1 year with Elevation Labs…


Got some Blitzwolf ones when they were on sale, no issues so far :slight_smile:

I always carry 2 (incl Apple original) when i travel, just in case one goes kaput! #horror


Anker really is amazing. We can get them in Japan, and I’ve done so, but they’re pretty expensive.


As does confusion about which standard the random black cable in your box supports. Is it USB 2? 3? 3.1? Is it actually a thunderbolt cable? Is it active? 40gbs or just 20gbs?

USB-C connectors are a nightmare. Cheap cables that aren’t clearly marked on the cables will be a PITA I reckon. :man_shrugging:

USB C - Whats the Go?

Have couple of these, the LED light can be either saviour or annoyance at night, otherwise it’s great.


I thought I’d love those right angled cables but I find it super annoying (I ordered one) as when I cradle my phone that’s exactly where my pinky finger rests. Haven’t used since I bought it. :grimacing:


FYI, Anker Powerline II cables (1.8m) are US$13 on, though they will not ship to Oz. On they are AU$33. Can be found on eBay for around $25 (cheapest).


Found currently for $19 from Cablegeek on sale. Placed an order, delivery in a few days so it’s in Oz.




Looks like the sale has ended.


thanks, but no sale prices there :frowning: