Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter?


If such a thing exists, I’m trying to find something that is essentially the opposite of this:

Wanting to plug lightning earbuds into my MBA. Google isn’t being a huge amount of help. Does anyone know of anything. There’s nothing Apple, but 3rd party maybe?


It does not exist because this means digital -> analog -> digital. You would lose quality, amplifying distortion. You’d need an ADC. You would also need a DAC and an AMP, they’d all need to have access to the lightning connection’s power in order to run and… That’s not going to happen.


Fair enough, I guess if it were possible or viable someone would’ve made it by now.

I only ask because I can’t find my old 3.5mm earbuds and I’m not willing to drop $45 on a pair of new ones.


I found an entire reddit thread where people tried all sorts of crazy multiple dongle combinations. None of them worked. I think you’re out of luck. I’d say consider some over the ear headphones, so they are significantly different from your earbuds to warrant the cost.


I suppose this is a question of how often you need them and how good you want them to be, plenty of cheap cheap headphones floating around.

The idea of over the head phones sounds like a good option, especially if you want nicer ones.


I’ve actually already got decent headphones, but I need something with an in-line mic. Nothing wrong with the MBA’s built-in mic, just want more clarity from a mic closer to my noisehole.

Very occasional need for videoconferencing meetings, etc.


For my needs, a cheap Kmart set may suffice, but I’ll try to find my old ear buds first.

That said, I’m looking at a new MB purchase very soon (maybe even tomorrow!) so we’ll see what gets announced overnight. Might be able to use a lightning to USB-C adapter.


Oh. Yeah. Hmm. Maybe just get a clip on USB mic?


When Apple released it, my mate and I said that the lightning EarPods had to be one of their most stupid products ever.

There are only two intelligent decisions for wired earpods and a lightning connection is not one of them. Either stick with 3.5mm or go with USB-C.

Apple can be so annoying sometimes.


I’ve gone bluetooth for my headphones I use every day, but if I had to go back to another wired set I would probably heat shrink the adaptor to my 3.5mm plug since I don’t use them on any other device. That or I’m sure there is a little rubber retaining bandy thing on eBay for a couple of bucks to hold it onto you headphone cord (I know the wife bought one for her Apple Pencil Cap after almost losing it a bunch of times).


Couldn’t find my old 3.5mm earbuds despite looking (they’re around somewhere!).

Groupon had a deal last week for genuine Apple earbuds at $19. Ordered a pair on Friday and they came today.

Happy with that.