Lightroom 6 is the end of the road. Alternatives?


Looks like Lightroom 6 is the last standalone version. I don’t use it regularly enough to make a subscription worth my while and I don’t really like the subscription model, or Adobe generally, very much.

Obviously it still works and may do for some time. In the meantime though, I will need to think about migrating. What are people using? Who might be likely to bring something new to the world now that there is such a big hole for non-cloud based DAM software?


I’ve been looking at alternatives also.

Nothing I’ve found is quite as ‘Lightroom’ as Lightroom itself but you might want to look at Corel Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop Express (which is still available standalone).


I’m using Photos for image management, and a collection of MacPhun products for editing, when on the computer. Luminar + AuroraHD is a good combination, and apparently Luminar 2018 will bring image management with it, in one of its updates. They are expensive products when bought straight up but from time to time there are specials which are worth hanging out for. Don’t buy through the app store. All Macphun stuff can act as plugins to Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture and Photoshop Elements. They seem to automatically appear as Photos Extensions.


Another alternative if you didnt want to use Photos at all, is Pixa, or Unbound. I bought Pixa on the app store. They will both watch a folder you define, for new additions. I started using Unbound when iphoto first went away. I’ve often considered switching to one or the other. Unbound has had a recent update so thats promising.

Naturally, all your editing apps are available via a right click menu with both of these.


Capture One Pro can still be purchased standalone. Has a better RAW engine than Lightroom, but is priced as the professional product it is.


Thanks all. Just poking around and found a free version of DxO OpticsPro11 in case anyone’s interested. There’s a bit of a discussion over at Macintouch about the topic too.

I note that these guys sell a separate DAM app. Does Capture One have any image management features at all, or is it just for processing?


I am planning to use the light room, but I have checked its subscription charges which are quite high.


Preordering is open for Luminar 2018, seems like a preorder will get it for you for $AU84, but if like me you already have Luminar, it drops by $30. As I noted in my previous post, DAM is coming later.


Photos is working out for me too, with MacPhun extensions, but the included photo editing functions are good enough for me. I end up tweaking things on the iPhone itself first now anyway.


Yep I just use Photos with Pixelmator extensions available for fine tuning but the built-in editing tools are almost always enough.