Linux And Hope For The "Obsolete" Mac


I just realised that FireFox can fullscreen and is actually smoother than Chromium. It lacks the traffic lights, but I’ll sacrifice the traffic lights for the significant gain in real estate:

Do you prefer light or dark?


Just noticed this get posted on my twitter feed…

I did point out to them it was probably a bad idea the screen shot has a prime time tv show being watched via a downloaded rip… probably not something they should broadcast to a wider audience like that.


LOL, after I’ve been doing all of this work to bring disparate bits and pieces in from different sources (including some of my own custom work, I’ve got a few round icons I am bringing over that I made for my Mac Pro’s High Sierra install). Guess I should have just waited.


You broke the story here first IMHO.


I didn’t break any story, as I didn’t know this person was doing this, I have like five or six different elements from various creators for various distros, plus like I said, I’ll be bringing my own work into that I have done so far. So unless you meant, “LOL, you can make Linux look like Mac” well, that’s been a story for a long time. I just definitely noticed that combining elements from different sources could get me pretty close to the UI we have come to expect from macOS in recent memory.


You told the story of how it can be done - from your own perspective :wink: