Long live the iPad 2


I’ve still got an iPad 2 which still works fine. Great for the kids to play with.


I know a lot of people who still have one. The iPad 2 was all the rage when I was in Year 11 and plenty of people in my grade bought one (including me) and since many of them have moved back away from tablets, they still have their iPad 2’s and have not felt compelled to upgrade.

I’m hoping that 9.2 brings some performance improvements to all devices… The most annoying thing about iOS 9 is that delay after you tap an app icon. The icon goes black and then opens, after a noticeable delay… only happened rarely in iOS 8 and almost allows with 3rd party apps. I’m fine with the loading screen taking longer, but the delay before the loading screen drives me batty. Happens on my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini 2 as well.


Anyone tried iOS10 on an iPad 2 yet?


doesn’t run it sadly :’(

There are a heck tone of them still in use, and I think mine will stay in use well into the next year, till there is a worthwhile normal sized iPad to buy.


We still use the 2 and a 4. The 2 is just too laggy and I think I get memory issues with the 4, although it seems to be running better on ios10.


A clean install with minimal applications can do wonders for the iPad 2. I found mine annoyingly slow then did a wipe and set it up with a lot of options turned on.


till there is a worthwhile normal sized iPad to buy.

The iPad Pro is not a worthwhile iPad upgrade from an iPad 2. Mmmmm.


Are you me? I have exactly those 2 that we still use mainly for the kids. I also do have an iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro 12 inch.


No it is not. I’m not paying over the top prices for year old CPU and GPU technology and 2GB of ram which was merely ok in 2014. There is a reason I’ve hung onto the iPad 2 for so long and that is because it was not outdated when I purchased it.


I’ve hung onto the iPad 2 for so long and that is because it was not outdated when I purchased it.

If you purchased the iPad Pro when it was released, it was… outdated?



The small iPad Pro from when it was released was outdated for a supposedly top of the line iPad. 2GB of ram is fine for 2016, but for a buyer like me who buys for the long term.


How is any current iPad less future-proof than an iPad you’ve been using for 5 years?


yes, the ipad 2 will be replaced when the next ipad is not gimped in some way compare with the latest iphone comes out.


The iPads that are the most future proof are tr ones with large CPU, GPU and RAM increases - the iPad 2 and Air 2 are prime examples. iPads with an amount of ram that was good two years ago are not gonna last the distance I need, especially since the larger iPad has double that ram.

256MB was enough ram for 2011, but had apple included that in the iPad 2, it would have barely lasted half the time it has.

On top of this, the pro is now a year old and paying year old technology is not a great way to ensure Longevity.


Just did a compete restore on the old ipad 2. Yep, lag is much less and safari feels snappier™


One Year on and I’m glad I waited for the iPad Pro 10.5. The 9.7 pro was gimped and I think it will reflect in the device’s longevity (iPhone 6 cough cough). That being said, I still use my iPad 2 as well - in fact I’m typing on it now. My iPad 2 has better battery life than the 10.5 Pro so I tend to use the 2 when the Pro runs out of battery and is charging. Long live the iPad 2.


Just moved up to an iPad Pro 10.5.
It’s astonishing. what an incredible difference on almost every level.


Not even. I love my 9.7" iPad Pro.


I love mine too, especially with the pencil, but I think he’s right. 2gb ram vs 4gb ram will mean we feel the negative impact of iOS updates a lot sooner. Doesn’t bother me though, I’ll want the latest innovations like Face ID long before my iPad’s useful life is over.


I should have said I moved from an iPad 4