Looking for old magazine article that compares Macs and PCs



I am new here. I am a mac user and trying to track down a magazine article from about 5 years ago. I purchased the magazine in an Australian news agent but have since lost it. The article did a comparison of Macs vs PCs. e.g. something like Mac vs PC 25 points to consider. Mac winning points were represented in red and PC in blue (or vice versa)

I need to quote a point from this particular article for an important paper I am writing. I am aware there are plenty of PC vs Mac comparisons on line.

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Hi wacowboy,

Happy to do your research for you, but I’m going to need a lot more information than that. The web’s a big place, and if I’m looking for one specific article from a magazine that might not even have been published online, I’m going to need specifics.

Do you remember the name of the magazine? Was it exactly five years ago, do you know what month/year? Who was the author? What was the point you were going to quote?

Something must stand out about this particular comparison for you to remember it all this time later — I’d love to know what.


Thank you for your prompt response and your offer to help.

Unfortunately I can not remember the name of the magazine. I purchased a back-issue (NOV 2013) of Macworld Australia today but it is not the correct magazine. I have also been doing some web searches without success. I do not know the name of the author.

The particular point that I want to quote goes something like this:

“The Apple Mac hardware is designed and built by Apple. The operating system is designed by Apple. The software must be compatible with the apple product. e.g. MS office for Mac. With a PC however the hardware can be made my anybody. The Windows operating system is designed by MS and the software can be written by anyone.” (My words)

The magazine claimed that this was the big advantage that a Mac had over a PC. All three major conceptual Apple components are managed by Apple so the Apple product operates more smoothly than the PC.

I thought the overall article was unbiased and balanced the advantages and disadvantages of each.

From memory there were 25/30 comparison points. I vaguely recall some cartoon images of cartoon characters in boxing gloves.

I hope this helps.


… around 5 years old but not sure. Rough guess.


That’s still an incredibly wide net to cast. Do you remember the name/title of the article? What was on the cover of the magazine? Who the author was?

Failing that, that’s not a hugely specific point, and you could probably find a very similar point elsewhere on the web. Do you need to cite a magazine specifically?


You are right. It is still a wide net. Unfortunately I do not have any more information. I think I may have taken some photographs of the article. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the photos (long story).

I would be happy to quote a similar point from elsewhere. It would need to be credible and unbiased source though. If you can help in this area it would be much appreciated. I am hoping to present the paper internationally.


…by the way, I wasn’t expecting someone to do a lot of research work on my behalf. I thought someone may remember the article or possibly have a copy of the magazine laying around at home. It’s a long shot I know.