Looking for recommendation for USB video adapter


I’d like to add a second external display to my 2012 15" MacBook Pro to extend its usefulness so I’m looking for recommendations for USB3 to DVI/HDMI adapters that will work with OS X Mojave. I know that these adapters to suffer from some lag (although nowhere near as bad as the USB 2 ones) but for what I’m going to be using it for that shouldn’t be an issue.


Have you considered a Matrox dual head to go? They are a tad pricier, but work really well.


Does the 2012 have a display port? That to HDMI is easier.


The key was second external display I think. It must be a non retina 2012 which only has one Thunderbolt.


Have you tried Duets app with an iPad?


No but I’ll have a look at it if I can pry the iPad out of our daughters hands (and if it’s not far too old to run it)


The Duets app itself is little expensive but it does go on sale regularly.

I sometimes use it with my old iPad 2 so I can watch the footy on the side, it does the job for me.

I’m guessing it’d best suit the 12.9” iPad Pro due to the size.

Another extra thing with the app is it has a Touch Bar setting which enables a simulated Touch Bar on the iPad screen. I didn’t use it but it’s there if required.

So yeah, check it out…