Lunar Eclipse



So who is getting up at 4am tomorrow morning to watch the lunar eclipse? :slight_smile:





One word. Clouds.


Sorry you didn’t have any luck.


No matter, I caught it last time around :slight_smile:


I didn’t actually get up… :slight_smile: So thanks for the pic @Orestes.

For my 30th my wife got me a refracting telescope - only used it a few times, which is a crying shame!

Not my actual telescope, but darn close

Yesterday by chance my wife picked up a free telescope off Facebook - Bushnell 78-6114 reflecting telescope. She intended it for our 10yo, as he received a very (very!) cheap telescope from a friend for his last b’day (no offense to the friend! great idea, but $25 does not a good telescope make), which it took me over 20 minutes just to get it to point at the moon, and even then still fighting it to hold it in shot.

This freebie has a lot of rust, and the eyepiece lenses are all disgusting, but I believe the mirror is pretty good. Hopefully it will clean up and be usable - maybe even with some lenses from my telescope - if they are the same diameter.

This is a boy who recently changed from wanting to be a firefighter, to wanting to work at NASA, so I figure this is potentially pretty big in his eyes.