Mac Badly tuned Piano Ad


Apple aren’t ingratiating themselves to me with this latest ad for Mac. Every time it comes on I have to mute it, it’s like fingernails on a blackboard. And given the state of Mac at this particular point in time, I think they’ve got a hide advertising them at all. My theory is they’ve got warehouses full of Macbooks with crappy keyboards and they’ll do anything to get rid of them.

Nothing to do with anything but I’m curious if this annoys the crapper out of anyone else.


Haha that might be very true.


Never saw it before just now. Awful.


I think it’s really cool, actually. And they don’t _only_show the new MacBook Pros


The soundtrack was a tad bit annoying, but despite whinges to the contrary, Macs are not in some parlous state. So the MacBook Pro has a keyboard design not fully tested with people who eat fried chicken at their keyboards… I’m sure Apple will fix it. The iMac is still an excellent workhorse. Next year people will get to see the new Mac Pro, which Apple neglected for several years. I for one won’t be switching to Windows any time soon.


Oh gosh I absolutely hate this ad. I also mute the TV when it comes on. The soundtrack is bloody awful. This ad will just give Windows people another reason to hate the Mac.


I hated it. But…

It depends on the context. The off-key piano and singing is a little jarring and seems out of place, but I’ve come to like it. Somehow. I think it’s because it’s a raw, live recording, complete with tape hiss and peaking, and the message, “Make something wonderful”. Ordinary people, presented with powerful tools, can do extraordinary things.

That and almost anything can seem highbrow and beautiful when it’s sandwiched between a promo for Love Island and a Godfreys vacuum commercial on primetime free-to-air.