Mac Pro 3,1 Won't Turn On [FIXED!]


Just got home from Vietnam. It has been 5 weeks.

Walked in, tried to boot up my Mac Pro. It turns on for a second, I get the light above the power button, the fan starts to spin, I see the red lights on the memory daughter cards… Then it shuts off. I’ve tried swapping in different hard drives, what might the issue be here? I thought I’d ask y’all in case it’s something incredibly stupid-easy so I don’t need to tear everything out of the case and try component by component.


Power supply is my uneducated guess.

PRAM battery?


Power supply was my first thought, too. If it’s the power supply, then it’s probably not worth replacing. :frowning:

EDIT: armed with very specific search terms + power supply rewards with me exact descriptions of what’s happening. Welp, that’s probably that.


Sorry to hear this happened to your machine/ to you. Have a vague memory of myself being in a similar situation many years ago and had begun a search for an answer.
In my case problem was to do with a Powermac G5
If you can be bothered at some stage down the track would appreciate hearing the results of your search.


:frowning: Sorry to hear that, @kionon.

Maybe you can find a cheap stripped 3,1 and do a transplant.


Is a 2.66ghz octocore 2009 for AU$286 (with free shipping) a good deal? The case is is dinged up pretty badly, but the seller states the internals are in good condition. The 2009s can be flashed to 2010, which then make them Mojave compatible…


That’s a great deal on a 4,1/5,1! As you say, it’s then officially 10.14 compatible. With free shipping (is this already within Japan?) that’s an awesome deal.



This is a 1,1. I knew that was waaaaaaay to good to be true based on Japanese market standards. And I was right. It was mis-labeled. Maybe accidentally, maybe on purpose, but this is a MA356.


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Well, I was cleaning up and turned on the Mac Pro just for fun and it turned on and stayed on. Wouldn’t actually boot, but it would run. So I took everything out of it and put it back together. The GT 710 and a spinner drive gets me this, kinda. It still likes to randomly log out. 950ti and SSDs are no go. I should have 18GBs of ram. Is my problem the ram or the daughter card?


It’s back! I now have a theory as to what happened. Two things:

  1. I think there was an earthquake while I was gone.

  2. I think this earthquake not only turned on the Mac Pro, but allowed it to update to 10.13.5 on my spinner drive. Since my the 3,1 must be hacked a bit to run High Sierra, especially on RAID 0 SSDs, there is an entire process to this.

So, uh, somehow the earthquake not only let my computer update (I know for certain I did NOT leave this thing running), but it also unseated pretty much everything (PSU included). Reseating literally everything after an additional clean, and rolling back to 13.4 and everything is running fine. But I’m still a bit worried about the parts. The hazards of living in Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised if this earthquake knocked some life off of these components.


Nice! :tada:

It’s possible too that the PSU is overdrawn with the 950ti + GT 710? :thinking:


I don’t think so. I’m going to be pulling the GT 710 out anyway, I only use it when I need to because it is recognised by native drivers and my EFI enabled ATI card burnt out about a year ago. I don’t have a boot screen card, but without the GT 710, I wouldn’t have anything at all as I switch from update to update. I was now able to do the update to 10.13.6 the normal way (for me) and the 950 ti is working just fine. (See Setup thread for pics).

BTW, I confirmed, there was a big earthquake in July while I was in Vietnam. That answers that.


I’m glad that you were able to get to the bottom of it - without costing anything :slight_smile:

Sounds like it must get pretty frustrating living in an earthquake prone area!