Mac Pro Repairer (Early 2008 3.1) in Sydney



Anyone recommend a repairer in Sydney.

I have the following issue with my Mac Pro 3.1, Drive Bay 1 no longer recognises the HDD i.e. does not come up in Disk Utility it does not plug in properly now most likely as result of pulling the HDD out and putting another one in, it does boot on the drive bays. Also I am getting the dreaded flashing LED light on the power button after couple minutes of use machine just shuts down.

I have removed my ATI Radeon 7950 GPU out and put in the stock card that came with the machine, pulled out ram sticks and reseated them a pair at time still the same issue regardless of the combination, I’ve reset the SMC and it chimed 3 timed then booted then failed again after couple of minutes.

I would like to keep this machine as long as I don’t have to replace the ram 24GB or logic boards.