Mac Pro / SSD sleds



Am hoping tax time will finally see a SSD get itself into my Mac Pro 2010.

My current thoughts are - 256GB drive (thinking should find one around $100 on eBay), mounted in one of the standard bays for the time being, and maybe look at a PCIe card down the track (as that’ll be another $100).

My question then comes to installation of a SSD into the Pro… I note that a 2.5" drive, and 3.5" drive have the exact same connector…? As such a sled like this would work?

Can someone thus explain the benefit of a more expensive option like this?

What is that chip doing…?

And… Considering they are so different - how can the OWC option - a piece of metal - cost $30 (MacFixIt), $40-$50 on eBay, but only US$17 (AU$22) from Amazon US…




The fun part is finding an adapter that has the same mounting points as a 3.5" drive

I had something similar to this, that I put the SSD in, and then just attached to one of the MacPro HDD slides.

There are lots of cheap 2.5->3.5 adapters that don’t keep the power and I/O aligned, and/or mounting holes to suspend the HDD from the slide.



Have you got a spare PCIe slot? That’s how I added mine. Faster than using optical bay for sure and let me keep my 4x SATA bays for HDDs.


It’s the extra $100-$150 for the PCIe card that’s the problem with that option… But I will look at it for future - In fact that’s why I was hoping to find a cheap sled - so I don’t waste too much money when the goal is PCIe… Hoping to get a 256GB SSD plus sled for $100.


New 250gb SSDs are still $100 minimum… :thinking:

You can get a PCIe sled from eBay from around $50.


I can 3D print you an adapter if you don’t want to spend any money. PM me your postal address.


I got mine off Amazon for about that (x2, I am only using one of them right now though).