Macbook Pro 15 Battery Swelling


Has anyone had any luck with getting Apple to replace swollen batteries out of warranty?

My MacBook Pro 15 is starting to develop a bulge at the bottom which I suspect is a swollen battery issue. It’s an Oct 2015 purchase.


in NZ we have the Consumer Guarantees Act which Apple has to abide by. It can be a bit more time consuming to get things done than if you have AppleCare, but it gives you the same level of coverage.

Not sure about Australia, but given that’s 2.5ish years since original purchase, I’d say that’s a fair and reasonable time frame for you argue it should still be a fully working product and that this is a valid fault, therefore Apple should come to the party if you contact them.


We have similar consumer protection laws two.

Yes I think you’d be more than able to have them fix this under their obligations under consumer law here in Australia.

For batteries I normally say if it’s over three years I don’t bother as their consider a consumable. However even if you were over the three year mark as your battery is swelling I consider that a major failure and that should be rectified for least five years on laptops.

I warn you this sometimes can take a little bit longer and you need to stick up for your own rights as they will definitely try and push you around.

I’ve been told by multiple clients that I’ve represented in the past that I’m hated here in town by the two Apple authorised repair agents.


Thanks. I have no issue if the battery gets worse during the laptops lifespan, but when it starts expanding, it’s damaging the case and potentially the internal components which is a concern for me.


Batteries are consumables, so you’ll need to pay for it (and I think that’s reasonable actually). That said, any damage caused by a battery bulge (they often damage top cases and trackpads) should aways be covered in my opinion - for the cost of the a battery only.


Sure, a battery that loses charge over time is a consumable and is owner responsibility to replace if they are frustrated by that loss of charge. A battery that is physically bulging, regardless of whether it damages the components around it, is not behaving normally and should be covered for replacement.