MacBook Pro build quality


I bought a brand new 2017 13” MBP in late October last year.

I was cleaning it to try and get some marks off the screen and noticed they weren’t just marks they were scratches. The scratches are outlines of the entire keyboard, one scratch dot for each corner for each key all the way across.

I also gave my keyboard a once over with a magic eraser to remove the oils your fingers put on them. What I noticed there was a spot on the space bar left shiny. The finish has worn away.

This really peeves me off because I used my 2011 MacBook Pro for 6 years, with exactly the same habits, and the keyboard is like new and it doesn’t have a single scratch on the screen.

Has anyone else experienced these things with the new MacBook Pro models?

I’m wondering if I should book a Genius Bar appointment and ask what’s up.

If I was told my new MBP would be scratched and worn away not even 6 months into its life I wouldn’t have bought it. I’m really disappointed.

Edit: Images uploaded. Hard because it needs a source of bright light on it or to tilt the screen at the right angle. In the second image the line at the bottom is a smudge not a scratch, but see the dots!


Definitely. Don’t say “what’s up” so much as “I’m really really disappointed”. If you keep your new machine in same bag etc, I’d take the old one in and show them how good it still is if you still have it.


Ok I can do and will do.

I use the same crumpler for both, has its own compartment. Only other things that go in that bag are paper (I pay bills) and in a whole separate front pocket is where wallet and keys go.

I only ever travel with it two days a week. The rest of the time it’s at home docked in a book arc I bought from Apple.

I’m really anal with my gear, I’ve looked after everything really well and yep I can prove that to them with the 2011 I bought on launch.


Surely has to be some kind of build error… ?!


Yeah that’s what I think too. I like to think Apple stands behind their products and wouldn’t find it acceptable


I’m not too sure. the 2016 and 2017 models have quite a few teething errors.


My 2015 MBAir which I purchased as a refurbished unit from Apple late last year is showing imprints of the keyboard on the screen already. Rather disappointing.