MacBook Pro Feet


So it seems one of the feet on my Early 2013 Retina MacBook Pro has disappeared…

I figured I’d call an Apple store for shits and giggles, they couldn’t give me a price but suggested that the entire bottom case would need replacement and that I should book a genius appointment… ummmm really?

eBay seem list lots of options with interesting instructions:

How to use:
Remove the bottom case and wipe the dropped stitch with a dry cloth to wipe off the dust, but do not get wet.
Heat the dropped stitch with a hair dryer, when it hotted, stick on the rubber foot directly.
Press until it is cooling, then turn over the bottom case, toast the cylinder with a lighter, after it dissolves, press it quickly to let it stuck in the bottom case.[/quote]

I’d much prefer something more like the OEM plasticy ones rather than something more rubbery. Has anyone this and can recommend some decent feet.


I looked into this a moment ago and it appears to be true. Apple sold replacement foot kits for the MacBook Pro, but discontinued them with the introduction of the Retina models. Now a bottom case replacement seems to be the only available service option - at least from what I can see in my documentation. Rather annoying.


Something from Bunnings?


The missing foot has to be in my lounge room … so I’m hoping I can find it and re-attach it in some fashion… maybe.

For the couple of bucks they cost, maybe I just buy the eBay ones and feel them before I commit to ripping off three perfectly good feet.


I looked and couldn’t find the missing foot… so I called in the big guns… 8 seconds later my Wife hands me the missing foot :stuck_out_tongue:

A little glue and it’s stuck back on. Crisis averted for now!


Women - they are good for something.

[I’ll pay for that, I know.]

Guess I should have glued the ones back on my wife’s MPB when they came off (and still existed).

As to Apple though… that’s disgusting that a missing foot, worth maybe 1 cent, requires the entire bottom case to be replaced! And Apple wins awards for being “green”? They are happy to spend millions on renewable energy etc etc, but choose to make products with that kind of mentality? Crazy.


–== SLAP ==–


Pretty sure that ringing sound you can hear is the 70s calling on a green rotary dialing wall phone. Dare say they’ll be wanting their attitude back… :slight_smile:


I totally call my wife everytime I drop a screw or something. I can look for hours, she walks in and goes “what this” as she immediately picks up that things I couldn’t find.

But then I get called whenever there is a spider or a pickle jar :stuck_out_tongue: (I did both in the last 48 hours).


I replaced a missing foot on my MacBook Pro with the eBay feet.

They were a slightly different height (only just but it annoyed me) so I did the 4 of them not just 1.

They’ve been fine.


I deserved that… I know.

Ahhh, no… it’s red, with a matching base featuring a flip out thingy and shit…


Yep this is absolutely disgusting and shows that they have no real concern at all for the environment at all and are simply paying it lip service to get the green ticks on their website


Kyte slapped you. Be lucky. I’d have given you a feminist lecture. ;D


It’s greenwashing. Spending more money and time claiming to be “green” without actually implementing business policies and strategies that reflect it. Not unheard of within Apple unfortunately.


5 months later and I’m back in the same position, another foot has detached itself and hopped away. The wife is out, but myself and two of the children have been unable to locate the missing foot… so I expect it to be found later today :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m thinking that as this machine comes up to its fifth birthday, maybe I should just treat it to a new set of feet, although I think they will have to be the eBay jobs when this sort of thing is the alternative:

Has anyone got a recommendation for one seller over another? Otherwise it will be chosen mostly at random.


I hate people, I hate eBay. Talk about conflicting information. I thought A1425, A1502 and A1398 were all retina models.

4pcs Macbook Pro Retina Rubber Foot Feet Bottom Replacement A1425 A1502 A1398 13

I have an A1398 or ME665LL/A, so does this work or not? Lots of other listings talk about these same models, just this one has be questioning things.

Then there is this one, talks about the same models, but then the little video they list is clearly not a retina machine:


So I bought two sets (assuming I’d screw at least one up) from that last link and they turned up today.

They are actually very similar to the OEM ones, although a little more hard plasticy where the stock ones have a little antislip rubber feel to them.

While I was going to do all four, the underside of the bottom tray has protective tape/stickers (??) covering the back of the feet. The front two only have small round dots, the back ones have a whole piece that extends from side to side. Given it was only the front two that had come off I replaced just those and put the spares in a drawer for one day in the future when they need replacing again or the two OEM ones come off

I actually did the whole stick then melt the plastic on the inside to attach them properly, it was actually very very simple in the end. The end result looks very OEM, the real test will be how they perform over time.