macOS 10.14 Mojave Public Beta Thread


Installed it this morning on my 4.0 GHz late 2014 5k iMac. Just over 7 hours uptime so far, and no problems.

Have been getting a few dialogs appear about 32-bit apps that will need to be replaced/removed.


Home on my Mac. Finally!!!


A couple of small things… I noticed that Apple has returned to calling the trash can as simply ‘bin’ due to localisation. Also like the translucent bin icon in dark mode.


I noticed they removed all jabber support in messages.

No external safari extensions either.

The dynamic wallpaper seems to be based on Cupertino time at the moment, i.e. full dark mode in the middle of the day.


Are you running Mojave on your primary machine? I’m tempted but it’s way more risky than iOS. I guess maybe we should have a new thread for Mojave?

iOS 12 Public Beta info/bug thread

Yep that’s right, what other way to run the beta is there than with the constant fear of having to rebuild your main machine??


I decided to give Mojave a go on my primary machine, holding back a clone of my system just in case I need to wind it back.

So far it’s been up for 6 hours, seems to pretty solid, runs smoother than 10.13. Liking dark mode too.


Has anyone gone down the route of installing Mojave on a separate partition.

Thinking this may be a less risky option as I now only own one mac


Virtual Machine, Separate Partition, External boot drive preferably in SSD via thunderbolt.

I’m running it in a VM.

It’s an okay option. Disk Utility does a pretty good job these days adding or resizing a partition.

Then you have two options.

Clone your current setup using SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner. In-place upgrade the copy. OR go with a fresh install.


Do either of these now work with cloning APFS?


Don’t have firsthand experience of that but SuperDuper! mentioned they support APFS all over the homepage.


Where’s the fun in that?!


I have more than enough of this thing you call “fun” in my life caused by other technology items. If you want some I can send it your way.


I’ve had it installed on my 2013 MBA for about a week.

First install went ok, but I rebooted and the main drive wouldn’t mount (ohshit.jpg). Managed to get the OS reinstalled and came good.

Overall performance isn’t great and there’s some minor little problems I’m seeing, but nothing serious. All apps are working for me except one - the accounting software I’m using.

The support forums for that software has a few posts on the issue, all reporting the same problem (app is slow, unresponsive, missing elements, some things don’t work). No one is complaining as such, but one guy just replies to every post with “YOU INSTALLED BETA SOFTWARE YOU DON’T GET TO MOAN”.


That Home thing is awesome! I’m jealous and wish I was clever enough to set something like that up.


No discredit to @gehenna but if you can figure out how to post on a forum like this, you have 99% of the technical skills needed to set up home automation/ ‘smart’ devices.
HomeKit makes it stupidly easy. Bridging incompatible devices using HomeBridge or Home Assistant is a bit fiddlier but still pretty easy.


I run and external boot drive over thunderbolt.
Works seamlessly.
Only thing I’ve noticed so far is; Trash is now called Bin.



Interesting… will need to investigate. Do I need to do a lot of wiring, or can it be all wireless?


All HomeKit accessories are either wireless or Bluetooth, although some, like Philips Hue need a Hue bridge to work with HomeKit. Links to an Australian site who carries some accessories

And from Apple


Installed the 2nd PB today. MBA is running quite well now; on the first PB it was sluggish and unstable.