macOS Catalina


Last year I was super excited about Mojave because I was able to speculate, and turned out to be entirely correct, my Mac Pro 3,1 and several other “unsupported” Macs would be compatible with dosdude1 series of patches. This has been great. Not only does Mojave work perfectly on the 3,1, it works nearly perfectly with my new-to-me 2009 MacBook 6,1.

I am considerably less optimistic about dosdude1 or others being able to successfully modify Catalina. Not only has official support been dropped even for the Mac Pro 5,1, but there seems to be a huge emphasis on anti-tampering and sandboxing. The fact that Catalina now runs on its own system volume and Gatekeeper appears more active than it has been even in the past means I might have trouble using some stuff.

Now, that out of the way:

The only feature I so far seem to care anything about is the keeping track of all your Apple devices from within macOS instead of having to go to iCloud. Considering I am currently logged in via Apple ID to like six or seven computers and two iPhones at any given time, this would honestly be quite helpful.

I’ll download the beta at some point (my MBP 11,5 is enrolled in the beta software program), but I’m not clear there is much of a reason for me to care about Catalina at this point, and it is worth asking if any of the new apps or features within them may actually be pushed backwards to Mojave in a future Mojave update.

Starting last year, I really, really started to see the clear divergence between my needs and wants and both the future of macOS (specifically Marzipan) and the future of Apple hardware (though the new Mac Pro definitely seems to account for this concern), and I’m beginning to see my move of Linux + Older Apple hardware as the place to be.

tl;dr lots of Catalina’s features are either updates to features or media based features I don’t use/won’t use. Many of the same features in Mojave are features I don’t use. The feature richness, I suppose you could say, is underutilised by my workflow and I don’t see that changing.



Mm unfortunately this seems to be the case.



I’m concerned that device syncing is now in the finder… eg if I want to drag a song from music to my phone, how does that work?

My favourites are:

  1. Sidecar to use an iPad as an external monitor (I have an app for this but it chews up my mac’s battery life and requires a cable connection). Also being able to use the apple pencil through sidecar will be great!

  2. The new photos view where it cuts out screenshots and other opintless photos (since I always have a lot of screenshots + photos of documents etc that I’d rather not see.

  3. New Reminders looks like something I might use more … I got out of the habit because I found it too limited.

  4. ‘Find my’ will also be great… no more logging into iCloud! I also use find my friends so having the two together will be good.

  5. Quicktime PiP is long overdue!

  6. Third party cloud integration is also good.

I was really really hoping that iCloud Drive would become more flexible… like syncing downloads now that iOS has a downloads folder, being able to set certain folders as essential while optimise storage is turned on, so that they are the very last to disappear. Also maybe a limit to set for optimising storage (eg don’t optimise till under 20GB free or something.



Catalina support for unsupported Macs is coming:

All research, testing, and releases of tools and patches relating to macOS 10.15 Catalina on Unsupported Macs should be posted here.

Machine Support
As it currently seems, all machines with at least SSE4.1 support (C2D penryn and upwards) seem to be able to at least boot Catalina. This covers all of the machines that were able to run Mojave, even the officially unsupported systems.

Some systems appear to be fully compatible. However Apple blocks them from installing Catalina, due to existing configurations of those systems, which are not compatible.
Those systems include the Mac Pro 4,1 & 5,1 as well as 2010 & 2011 iMacs , if they feature upgraded, metal-compatible GPUs and compatible WiFi/Bluetooth-cards. Mac Pros also require to be running non dual x55xx CPUs (like W5580) to omit audio stuttering… An installer to enable these systems is available here.

Video Card Support

Full acceleration for older Nvidia and Intel cards has been achieved and released by @ASentientBot.


At the moment, a supported system is required to install to primarily. Unsupported systems can then use a cloned drive/volume that is derived and patched in a basic way. (Check the exceptions.)
Inexperienced users should clearly wait for some patcher tool from @dosdude1 or from @julianfairfax to be released sometime soon!

macOS Patcher 3 by @julianfairfax is coming soon with full support for macOS Catalina. More info on that and the changes coming to macOS Patcher here.

Catalina Builds and Installer Versions

2019/06/04 10.15.0 beta 1 , build 19A471t , installer 15.0.11

@ASentientBot - Achieved full graphics acceleration, achieved semi-acceleration, fixed IOHID timeout, fixed AirPort.
@jackluke - Fixed brightness control under semi-acceleration.
@parrotgeek1 - Developed LegacyUSBInjector, SIPManager, NDRVShim, source.
@Czo - Developed SUVMMFaker, source.
@Rastafabi - Catalina Loader for unsupported systems with supported hardware.

w00t w00t

We ride again for another year!



Some of us are dropping back, rather than moving forward. I’ve been running HS on my Macbook (White, mid 2010) and the Dodude1 patch didnt work for me. Anyway, the upshot is that after that failed and I had to reinstall, the Macbook was refusing to sleep. I went through all the recommended fixes (from Apple Discussions) and nothing worked. So I am now back on Sierra, Macbook is happily sleeping, the apps I need are working well.

Honestly… I can no longer be bothered trying to make my hardware do something that Apple doesnt want it to do. I’m saving for newer gear.



Odd. My MacBook White unibody is running Mojave perfectly with dosdude1’s patch.



yeah. Mine should have, but it would not reboot. Anyway, its happy on Sierra, it didnt even like HS much.



I’m pretty set on Sierra for the time being. Maybe in 6 years when I buy someone’s thrashed 2019 Mac Pro I’ll move up.



Once I am happy with the Mojave install on the 3,1, I will try to get ahold of a Catalina beta and see what I can make happen. But already there has been tons of progress made, so unless Apple decides to intentionally screw with future betas or the GM to stop dosdude, Julian, Bot, and others, looks like I’m going to get another year out of the 3,1 on a current OS. Eventually this will stop, but by the time that rolls around, I’ll be ready with Linux.