MacTalk member check-in thread


I don’t even think they know how to access the server given they PM’d me for details on how to get into it about 6 months ago :joy:


Was smidge on mac talk, and smidge back in the early and mid 90’s on irc, bb’s and club Mac. (Dialup!)

Glad someone has picked up the ball, I feel like Facebook has dispersed a lot of the expertise/community with this kind of thing so it’s a shame to see those big central forums go the way of the dodo


I was Macrob69 on MacTalk - hadn’t checked in over there for about a year - and found a ghost-town!

Nice to find you all.


Having been here (woah) almost a year I guess it’s about time I posted in this thread. Same username on Mactalk, one of many who originally wandered over from OCAU in the early days. I’m generally more of a casual observer, but sometimes if a topic piques my interest (or just happens to be something I know well) I’ll tend to not shut up for a bit :slight_smile:

Glad the community is going well here. I was checking the domain for a while, but fell out of doing it. Suddenly realised where I could find news posts after Mactalk started drying up! Big hat-tip to Oldmacs for keeping it going as long as you did, despite Niche’s disinterest of the community. Never changed my original bookmark from being named “Appletalk”, even after the original site was renamed and hopefully that continues!


Another Mactalk ‘exile’, Abaddon before too. Have been lurking here for a while, thought it was time I joined.




Many names over the years at MacTalk but ended as SRG, so thought I would start with that over here.

Fatherhood means I will likely be more a lurker than a contributor but look forward to contributing.


Hey all! Another MacTalk convert using same username as over there. I stopped posting and checking in after it all went downhill and Niche bought it. Usually spent my time on whirlpool or Macrumors.

Hoping to get back into Australian Mac news and community again. Looking forward to updates MacBook Pros soon.


Was at Apple Store yesterday and the genius was suggesting to wait for June WWDC for announcement. Hmmm.


That just means he reads rumor sites like the rest of us.


Lol yes


Hi all

I was a Mactalk user and just found out about you all.

Hope to make a solid contribution




Welcome aboard…


Welcome! :slight_smile:


Same user name here too.


Well, if it wasn’t for that random spam mail-out by The Agius himself bleeting about his something-new project and tacking a thoughtful “Hey, go check out ATAU at their new digs” on the bottom, I wouldn’t have known.

Anyway, here I am again, ready to grumble and pontificate just like I used to before we got pushed off into a niche and experimented on.



Well, if it wasn’t for Brains mentioning the random spam mail-out in #macolytes (on, I wouldn’t have known.

I hang out on IRC and Whirlpool mostly, same username.


What’s with this suddenly-widespread affliction with port-hole avatar pictures? I like being a square, damnit! :slight_smile:


something about round pegs, square holes

Welcome aboard, you two.


Welcome Brains. Our new asylum now has an assembled quorum.