MacTalk member check-in thread

Same nickname as MacTalk which I joined in 2005 (although I’ve always used a motorbike of some sort as my avatar over there).

Where the hell did 10 years go?!

Elvis is in the building…

Mac talker checking in… same username.

I ask myself that question… I’ve had 3 kids in that time, life’s completely different!

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Previously BiRDBRAiN on Mactalk

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Was previously Carlow1 on MacTalk for over 10 years also. Going by JDOZ now. Nice to see some old familiar people on here too.

Was previously known as iMac600 and then iMic on MacTalk for around 8 years. Met some of the nicest people over there, made some friends, learned enough about the Mac to turn it into my profession and had a riot while doing it, listening to the podcasts and live streams over the years when Anthony and Pete were behind the mic.

Over the last couple of years I worked behind the scenes at MacTalk, spending a lot of late nights and early mornings working on the site, writing articles and holding conference calls with Niche in a last ditch attempt to get some life out of the place for all of us. Now, I’m throwing it all behind AppleTalk.

My usernames on MacTalk and AppleTalk are the same. Avatar is a little different though — Discourse pulled in my Gravtar default and I’ve been happy enough to not want to change it (but Discourse does support animated avatars, so go nuts).

I wasn’t a MacTalk member for as long as some of you were, but MacTalk was still one of my first real online communities. As soon as I realised I could argue with real people online about topics I had a vested interest in, that was it, and I was hooked.

Had my first big break when Anthony asked for contributors. Along with a couple of other folks, we did daily news posts for a couple of months, until one day it was just me. You know the rest — Anthony sold MacTalk and for a little while, it was business as usual. But no good deed goes unpunished, and eventually, MacTalk’s gradual decline meant it was time to start something new. And almost 18 months later, here we are.

Not many people know this, but AppleTalk is actually Toby’s second try at a MacTalk successor. The first was much less successful, and this time around he had the good sense to enlist a couple of friends — the tale of how AppleTalk came to be, given the site’s past history with MacTalk is thrilling, but perhaps for another time.


Geektown was great too. But like all these things it’s the community that makes it what it is. Without numbers it takes a long time to gain traction. Glad to see so many people have made the jump here finally. Can’t wait to argue with you all! :wink:

Same username as always :wink:

Kinda nice coming the full circle! First was ATAU -> MTAU now back to ATAU :smiley:

Hello everybody, going by the same name here as well, alicia1 :smile:

Same name as Mactalk here as well.

Surprised it took me as long as it did to find out there was a successor.


Hi mate, welcome! Nice to get a bit of critical mass. Now all we need is to bring back inappropriate Wednesday…

I was really glad to see Currawong make a post here. I think it was an old one but its good to know he’s still about. He was very helpful to me when I first joined Appletalk (the other one) in 2005.

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y halo there


Same username as on MacTalk

Same username and as MacTalk. Couldn’t help noticing the decline over the last year there.
Then noticed the dead/long live thread, and ended up here.
Also miss a lot of the characters that have gone quiet.
I’m in the camp that believes Apple’s recent successes, elevating it from its niche status, and the general maturation of computing are part of the reason.
Plus, people do move on!

Still muttering on—

NathR32 from MacTalk here. Thought I’d use the same username.

8 years on MTAU, how time flies. Look forward to spending more time on here than I did there after it started going downhill.

Hi all, Im that same annoying person as on MacTalk - I’m still very active over there but semi came to my senses and I thought I’d join up and give AppleTalk a try as well.


Good to see you here!

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