MacTalk member check-in thread


Welcome! I saw your post about not wanting to give up… It’s not you who has given up, it’s Niche - what’s telling is that after all the feedback online, not a single Niche staff member thought it was worth their time to even respond once.

I suggest setting up a new category for vintage Macs over here, and let’s just move on - an online community has nothing to do with the owners - it’s all to do with the members - so as members, let’s just start a new community over here.


I have a phone called organised with Niche so I haven’t 100 percent given up at this point. If things work out over there (Unlikely) I will frequent here and there, but if not it looks like I’ll ask if I can set up a vintage Mac section.


I joined up here a few months back, after coming across an indirect reference and searching for benny’s news posts. It has been interesting over the last couple weeks to see how things have shifted here with people migrating across, and at the (different) sense of community developing… I am sure @bennyling and @tcn33 have noticed this much more than the rest of us.

I had watched the slow death of MTAU. And as some of those whose posts I looked for were not adding any more, I visited less and less frequently. Was less and less somewhere I found a good use of my time.

I checked in today and realised I joined MTAU 11 years ago. Not a bad run I guess.


Was on Mactalk since 2008,and just signed up here today, using the same username over here.
Great to see so many old names from Mactalk here


Here as well :slight_smile:


Hi all. Same username as Mactalk. :smile:


Yeah, I was lurking this site for about six months before I made an account. same username as MacTalk. such a shame it’s going the way it is. @bennyling @tcn33 @deventer Well done chaps, everyone should be very proud.

having said that is Tapatalk support on the horizon?

I’m becoming less and less active there but the FS forum still has some great bargains and a boatload of the older content is pretty handy too when stuck in a little bit of a bind.

While i will be migrating to this site longer term for the short term my time is limited and certain issues are stopping my full embrace of this killer site. cheif amongst which is for the moment a Applecare case related to 5 4S’s in 3 years. as that’s still up in the air i’m going to have to pull my reigns as I want to avoid negativity i am feeling from being expressed explicitly in a public forum.


I was fompsweeva on MacTalk. More of a lurker than a full time member, but was active at points before it reached its ‘best before’ date.


That’s a definite no, I’m afraid. Tapatalk has a history of security problems and mobile support on Discourse is excellent - so lots of risk for very little benefit. That said, if there’s something you don’t like about the mobile version then let’s talk about it.


I say let it fly. Apple has done some truly great things and because of that we hold them to a high standard. Higher than a lot of other companies. So when they stuff up, or do something less than what we know they’re capable of, it disappoints us and sometimes makes us frustrated. I sure as heck don’t hold back, that’s why you all love me :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here! I remember signing up too.

I was adamd on Mactalk… Am still that on here!

Ahh the memories of the ol’ MacTalk… The meet ups, the “Powerbook G5 FTW111!!eleven11!!!1!!” threads, Inappropriate Wednesdays… Good times!


I joined MacTalk in 2004. I was rpjallan over there. Good to see a lot of you folks over here now.


@tcn33 Wasn’t aware the site had a mobile version. really only just getting started on here, do most of my browsing from my mac as it’s faster and I can do more without the sand boxing that iOS is all about.

@Steeley I guess I could chuck it up over the long weekend if I find time… In it’s own thread.
though I do warn you all the email i sent was around 1,500 words (cutdown from nearly 3,000) and tends to bounce around a bit but that is apparently what i do.


marcsteel on Mactalk…It’s a bit sad that the old community site has gone the way it has.


joined mactalk back in july 2004 (with different nick). mostly a lurker over there, probably will be a lurker over here as well.

here’s hoping that appletalk will be as colorful as the old mactalk. or better


was PO15KA at MacTalk…same here :slight_smile:


I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see regular and good news articles posted here.

I started on AppleTalk in 2004, a couple of months after the site started up, and quit visiting the site regularly in 2009. I’m now mostly on (which gets about 2-3k posts per day – quite different to even the most MacTalk ever got).

I’ll have to drop in here more though I reckon.


I remember you. Good to see you around.


Hey guys, have been on here but inactive for a long time, I was ‘supermariobothers’ on Mactalk since 2008. Good to see so many familiar names!


I was Gio on Mactalk. I am joebire on Twooter and most things else. Haven’t posted much since I left teaching IT for school management in 2011.
Still a lurker.