MacTalk member check-in thread


Hi All,

I was also dragonslive on mactalk, and although not a real active poster I did have some good experiences there, particularly with purchasing second hand stuff! However, I like to lurk and read a lot!


I was also recd on MacTalk since 2006. Not the most active poster, however checked most days and learnt a lot from others. When I updated my apple gear sold the old stuff to others on the forums, or purchased their old stuff.


Same nick and handle as on MacTalk … and AppleTalk before that. Circle of life it seems.


I was Tom125 there and have ditched the numbers here! :smile:

I haven’t been active there for a while but was posting regularly during the queue up all night for the iPhone 3G and the first 500 into the Sydney Apple Store hype era… Times have changed and there isn’t much on my apple wish list any more other than incremental updates.


Hi everyone. “cmjl” here - same moniker as MacTalk and AppleTalk before that - has it been THAT long?

I have the same username on some other Australian and International sites of (hopefully) good repute. I’m active on some of these sites, a quiet lurker on others, and hope to be an active particpant on this site too.

My avatar is new, being the remnants of a historic but sadly fading sign from the 1930’s, the full text of which reads “TO THE PLATFORM CAUTION PASSENGERS ARE REQUESTED TO GO ROUND BY ROAD”. It’s a memorial to the past, as I’m a bit of a history buff as well as an Apple user.


Hi every one. I’ve been at Mactalk since 2008. Thought I would try greener pastures. Same username and avatar.


Same username as on MTAU. Checking in and so far really liking the layout here.


member of Mactalk since 2007, I like the fresh look of this forum!


Member at Mactalk since 2008 (same id) but lost interest over the last year or so. Got to acknowledge the efforts of some MT members to keep it alive but it’s time for me to move on. Great to see the participation and dynamism here. Well done guys.


Same user name as before. :smile:

EDIT: haven’t used Mactalk in years, it went to sh*t


Welcome! :smiley:


I’ve been here a while, just not active. Don’t actually even own a Mac of my own no more. Haha


Steve Jobs will have the last laugh in his grave… you just wait… :wink:


Go out and get a Mac NOW.

No ifs, no buts - do it!

We’ll still be here when you get back :smile:


My wife has my MacBook Air BTO I got Jan last year. I am using an Dell Latitude E7240 12" Full HD touch screen ATM. It suits the work I do and the probono IT stuff I do for everyone from time to time.


Are you running Windows 10?


Well, ok then - you’re in, but only on account of your wife’s system :smile:

It’s all the right tool for the job. I’ve got a simliar Dell laptop that I use for work and some home stuff, but the Mac gets the nod on the creative and other home stuff that I do.

But good to make your acquantaince again!


No, as its not certified for my works VPN client. So won’t upgrade until that happens, as I use the laptop as a backup system for my VPN usage.

I bought it refurb from Dell Outlet site a few months ago. It’s an awesome laptop. I recently got a USB3 business dock for it cheap from a guy on ebay. The track pad sucks on it, but nothing lives up to Apple track pads ever. Apart from that its good.

1920x1080 res screen with touch, 8gb ram, 256gb msata ssd. Even has a spot for another one (since I dont have an WWAN card in the slot).


Just thought I’d join, since seeing some old faces over here. I read Benny’s news every day (I have since the inception of AppleTalk, and for a while beforehand at MacTalk).



Hello Lawrence.