MacTalk member check-in thread


Oh yeah I’m here too. Been here for a while now, good to see some old but familiar names.


maclab reporting in as maclab


I used to lurk on Mactalk as palais. I think I’ve posted more here than I did in 10 years on Mactalk!


Welcome all! :smiley:


I’m Timbo – TimboC on MacTalk, where I’ve been a member of irregular participation since 2007. Keen to keep up to day, and find/provide a source of advice on all things Apple.


I’d hate to imagine the amount of money they throw at it for a purchase, and subsequently ran it into the ground a little. Perhaps they had high hopes of doing something else, but perhaps it never worked out.


same same here as well


Gumby here, and I was gumby08 on MacTalk. It’s great to see so many familiar names, feels a bit like a family reunion :slight_smile:


So who’s the inappropriate uncle?


Paging Clockwork to the forum…


Doofus checking in here. Have been a member on Mactalk since 2007, the old neighbourhood really went downhill.


benb checking in. Joined MacTalk back in August 2006 - past couple of years checked in there once a month or two. Last time I was on found a post talking about AppleTalk and joined up. Same username as MacTalk - great that it was was still free :smile:


Checking in. Same username, Warren21.


Oh No.

Oldmacs found us also!




Relax, he was taking the piss (or at least I think he was)


I was more concerned if I’d done something wrong lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know what you do in your private time so maybe you did? Sleep with any married women lately? Or 18-25 yr olds that might have angry dad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe harry is a harriet who you met in a Mac bar, spent the entire night talking OSX before having a candlelit dinner at McDonalds, and then you never called.


Oldmacs didn’t even get the fancy Create Your Taste meals. That was it. Tsk tsk!


Oh lordy :stuck_out_tongue: Hmm that Maccas meal (lit by iCandles) sounds familiar :wink: