MacTalk member check-in thread


Kionon checking in, MacTalk user since 2008. On again, off again. I’m a USian, but I moved to Sydney in 2010-2011, between periods of living in Japan. I now live in the Tokyo area, and I will probably stay here forever. I found MacTalk much friendlier and less… elitist? …than some of the American sites while I was going through the switch.


same username as mactalk - i must have been living under a rock or something because i just thought it was weird that there were little to no updates there over the last few weeks! finally read the post about moving on so here i am!


Hi Macman here - I was Macman on Mactalk and was a member since the early days (IRC). Love the new forum/name. Wasn’t there issues from a large multinational company the last time AppleTalk was used as a name?



I’m another from Mactalk, same user name. I don’t know how long I was a member there, but long enough that I remember when Mactalk was Appletalk, so now done the full circle.


Speaking of new here - I’ve actually been registered for a few weeks now, checking in regularly. But I’m not up at level 2 trust yet, so I can’t see For Sale etc. I think the only thing I’m missing is that I need someone to “like” one of my posts. Anyone care to do the honours? :smile:




rss123 here


macsyd here, joined MTAU in March 2005 after lurking for a little while and gave up in October 2011.

Great to see some familiar names from back in the days when I had time to hang out in forums :wink:

Feeling some nostalgia for names like danamania, currawong, clockwork, spargo, colbsi, …


So, this is where the party went! :slight_smile: I joined MacTalk in April 2004 with this username and had some great fun there while it lasted. One of the many things I loved about it during the golden years was that people asked some arcane questions about an enormous range of topics in the Orange Sofa and, generally, got extremely high quality answers. I’m quite curious and I learned a lot from these threads. The breadth of that community was great and I hope it’s something that can/does happen here too.



andyrb over at MacTalk.
andyb here.


Mishmash here, same as on MacTalk. Thanks to Gehenna for post on Macktalk or I wouldn’t have known about this site.


You’re welcome :smile:


Your post has double meaning as well in this thread!


Hello Mac Lovers,
I’m back,still the same person who frequented mactalk since April 2005…has it been ten years!!
Keen to see and hear from all the usual suspects,thanks for the opportunity.


same name/avatar as previous, cause change can’t be trusted.


I don’t recall if I had already checked in so I’m checking in again, just cause I like checking in…I was maclab over on the abandoned site …and I’m maclab over here too yay :hamburger:


decryption on MacTalk, decryption here :smile:
MacTalk’s dead, so very dead. Glad to see this joint getting a bit of activity! I missed my Apple nerd discussions - Twitter’s 140 characters just ruins any nuanced conversation about how Apple is the best/the worst.


The one and only. Welcome to the spiritual successor to the place you used to run.


We tried with MacTalk, but at the end of the day while the site is finished, at least the community that built up around it is still very much alive.

Anyway, welcome! Great to have you on board.