MacTalk member check-in thread


So no change with MacTalk owners even with the obvious exodus of members?


No change at all.

Personally I’d consider that an invitation to go ahead and close it up, directing all the remaining few members over there to here as well, but that’s just me. I doubt they would notice either way.


And that is down to me again. Still haven’t had my phone call. Hoping to do so on Tuesday though.


Don’t be too hard on yourself as the unpaid volunteer moderator. It’s not on you, it’s on the owners.


It is my fault given they were open to conversation and I’ve had a host of things prevent me having the time to sort things out with them.


Niche are incompetent fuckwits. Stop wasting your time with them and MacTalk and focus your efforts elsewhere.


HI there, all,

I’m Ozi on MacTalk, and joined up in June 2004. Confusingly it was called Appletalk back then.

I had over 2000 posts there, but the community kinda died (duh!) so lets hope this becomes a vibrant, exciting, supportive and wonderful online community.

Just like the original AppleTalk/MacTalk used to be! :wink:



Hiya Anthony. Long time no talky! :slight_smile:


Good to see that there’s still a place where Aussie MacNerds can come and chill.

I was iMac over on MacTalk, iMac here. Joined MTAU just after the name change in 2006 and loved the community and wealth of knowledge, sadly I stopped visiting just prior to the sale and was shocked when I came back to it and found it had really gone to shit.

Glad to have found this place. Now, lets make it shine.


Just found this place, coming over from MacTalk too where I was a member since 2005.


Have been lurking on here for a couple of months after seeing the site mentioned on MacRumors on the front page on one of the news stories.

Anyway abandon MacTalk along time ago and have moved on to Whirlpool. Regardless I go by Kyle-K in most places and it’s good to see some familiar faces or names anyway around on here.

Time will tell if I continue to lurk OR get more involved.


iva on MacTalk and iva here.

Didn’t say a lot overall but followed MacTalk discussions pretty much daily. Brought and sold a few things on the For Sale forum. Each trade was a really positive experience. MacTalkers were a surprisingly fair and trustworthy bunch.

Moved overseas a few years back and didn’t find a comparable Mac-focused community where I’ve been living. Back home for a while now, and sad to see that MacTalk is no more. Glad that the community lives on here.




Step_andy checking in.


Hi ya all, been a while for me, still kept my old Klytia name from the other sites, was also a admin on Macworld before the Niche shit fight. had some exciting years following and contributing to various threads etc…
Nice to see some of the old names pop up here…


I’ve marked MacTalk as spam on Google several times for the way that MacTalk Google results link to… spam… Until you retrace your steps and try again…

Prob nothing will come of it, but hey…


Huy over there. huy over here now (lowercase). @Erwin reminded me to come here. I’m not heavily into Macs anymore but I am enjoying Apple Pay in Australia (Amex only, mostly works everywhere I’d like it to work). G’day to all the old timers from 10-12 years ago.


Welcome Huy!!!


Hey huy :slight_smile:


Welcome Huy :slight_smile: