March 27 Event


Interesting Oldmacs, that’s a nice summary.

We have the 2017 9.7" iPad and the 10.5" iPad Pro. The iPad Pro was bought as an upgrade for my wife who handed down the 2017 iPad to my son for school (and his old iPad Mini 2 to my youngest).

My wife does say hers is prettier and looking side by side you can see the differences in the screen. She also says it’s faster (although she is comparing the difference between an A9 and an A10X). She’s also commented on how much better the finger print scanner is and of course she loves her pencil too.

You’re right on that price hike, something I don’t know if I could really justify. In many respects it would make far far more sense if Apple were to release/upgrade the iPad and iPad Pro at the same time ensuring there was a more clear distinction between the two product lines rather than this sort of half step that exists at the moment.


I certainly can’t justify the price of the iPad Pro vs. the new iPad. We really need to replace our iPad 2 at some stage though as it is getting a little unreliable now given its age. Maybe we’ll wait off and see what is announced later in the year as we don’t have to do anything and it will be interesting to see what happens in the iPad Pro space.

In reality I can’t see us replacing the iPad though as we really don’t use it and the money would be better invested in replacing my mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro with a 27" iMac (once the money fairy visits and we can afford to… ie. probably not until the MacBook is actually deceased and becomes an un-MacBook … extra points for anyone who can get the reference here)