Mark "the Red" Harlan ..?


Shredding some old stuff today and found this:

It was with a registration document for ClarisWorks (so - circa 1993 when I bought my LCIII is my best guess as to when I got it).

I see Mark is credited with naming the Dog-cow (according to Wikipedia).

I wonder how common it was for him to send out hand-written business cards?!


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I’ve never seen one before and FWIW I was a Claris Works user/buyer.

My parents were Claris Works users - I have the boxes, documentation and floppies for two versions including the version purchased with their LC475 (1994) and no business card that I know of!

Curiouser and curiouser. Seems odd to have just come with some registration paperwork… that seems very run-of-the-mill to get a personalised note - even if its just 1 word.

Well, it’s probably not going to sell for $ 1/2m like an actual letter from Steve Jobs… but I don’t think I’ll shred it just yet.