Massive CPU usage using Numbers ( mac)


Hi guys, I’ve just started using a large spreadsheet to monitor my betting activities and it appears numbers just can’t handle the info.
Activity monitor is constantly over 300%, at present I’ve hardly entered any data, so I’m concerned that once I get a fair few bets entered ( some of this will be retrospective), numbers won’t cope.

I have read elsewhere that it’s fairly well know that this is the case, any suggestions, Excel for example, at present it’s hardly useable with the delays in keystrokes.

Running 2012 27" iMac, 3.2ghz I5 Mohave.
24gb 1600Mhz DDR3


I have no idea about issues with Numbers… but if it is at all comparable to Excel…

Try create a new blank spreadsheet, and copy your data into it. (IE - maybe the file is corrupt.)

Try to avoid using sumifs (add “helper” columns to achieve the same result)

Avoid formulas such as “today()” which constantly require updating


The today part may be the issue.
There is a tab, with day /week month etc performance stats.
I guess it’s pretty complicated, breakdowns by bookies, sport type, bet type etc.


I also have started using Numbers as my version of MS Office will not work after the next version of MacOs gets released (in fact every time I open an Office app I get a pop-up telling me this).

Apart from it working a bit differently to Excel I haven’t had a problem with Numbers.


I’m guessing that “today()” has the same issues for both Numbers and Excel… There’s other’s too that are recalculated every time you click anywhere basically - google for a list of “volatile” formulas.

One option to avoid this - at the top of your sheet, have a cell into which you put the date you want (ie change it daily). Wherever you needed the “today” to be, just reference that cell.

I live in Excel at work. I can’t imagine a reason why your sheet would need to be slow. I’ve just been working with files up to 500,000 rows… Now they were bad!