Maybe it was Steven Seagal


I got a call the other night from a number that turned out to be Russian - +7 (954) 213-41-85 is how it came up on the phone. It connected for just a moment, long enough to verify it was a live number I guess, and then disconnected. I blocked it.

I’m guessing it’s a prelude to something I’m not going to like. Does anyone know what kind of scam this might connect with?


I hear Senator Bernardi is going to use a bot to call Aussies to ensure they vote No for the SSM “vote”. I’m thinking it was him.

Or maybe Facebook’s new Russian owners.

Why not block your number and give them a call back and say hi… :slight_smile:


I still recall the film “Executive Decision” where Steven Seagal’s character died pretty early on in the flim. The first time I saw it I was convinced he would somehow come back from the dead in the final moments of the movie to save the day but no, he really did die. Possibly the best role he ever played.


I just loved that they were going to use the same actor to play the bad guy in Under Siege II that had been the bad guy in Under Siege I… :slight_smile:

Sorry yes, but, spam phone calls = bad. The ATO says - hang up.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that recasting Gary Busey as the villain would not have detracted one bit from the quality of that fine example of B-grade dross.


For some reason I just love Under Siege in all its glorious badness.
The Cook meme, Tommy Lee Jones, the cake scene, the knife in the head scene, the multiple salutes at the end. Wonderful.

Mrs Entropy and I went to the Cinema to see it when it came out and I got into trouble for laughing out loud at apparently inappropriate places.

So bad it was good.


Back on topic: there is always the possibility they realised it was a wrong number.



I’m glad they didn’t. Eric Bogosian was a brilliant bad guy. One of the rare cases where the sequel was as good as the original :slight_smile: