MBA Battery replacement


The batteray in my Mid 2012 MBA (13" 1.Ghz i5 4MB RAM) has been slowly fading for some time now, causing start-up issues at times.

I am now presented with the ‘service battery’ status for the battery.

Anyone have experiinces with replacement batteries and their usefulness?

Aside from the battery issue, the maching runs fine and I’d rather extend its lefe than replace it at this point.


It’s very easy to replace the battery in your Air. As for replacement, I wouldn’t trust just anything off of Amazon or eBay or what-not. If you’re willing to pay the shipping MacSales/OWC seems to be the way to go:


Watched their video and didn’t realise how easy it was to replace the battery.

However battery and shipping to Australia is $250. The Apple store only charges $189: Post your battery cycle


Then that would definitely be a better value. But it really is easy to do it yourself.


Try ifixit. Exchange rates arent fab but maybe an option?"-Late-2010


I’m in a similar boat, have two 2011 MBA’s both batteries are still showing as OK but I’m aware they are getting on.
Even the iFixit one is AU$145 before delivery (no idea what that costs) making the Apple service look attractive.

… but then $40 off eBay is very very attractive to give it a try and see what happens!


Yeah the Airs are easy cause they’re not glued in, which is good.


Dam I thought Ram City might have it. Nope. Macfixit Australia doesn’t either. Serious fail, Straya. How many more years do you want out of this?


I think it comes down to making a decision about whether you want it portable or not, whether you want to keep it or not. I made a decision to overcapitalise on my white macbook. Yes, its old, yes, its out of date, and not as speedy as the more modern machines, but it does what I want it to.

Thunk about whether its worth that, to you. If I were me, I would probably spend the money.


Given the Apple price (v shipping internally), and the local warranty it implies, I will contact the local authorised service people today.

Edit: quote was $200 for battery + $100 for labor.

So might have to try and get in done whilst in the city one day.

OWC does not offer shipping anymore (batteries). iFixit does (an extra US$40), so roughly $30 more than Apple doing it…


With the help of an experienced friend in choosing trustworthy eBay sellers I’ve replaced an half dozen MacBook batteries with ease and spending less than 100€ in battery+shipping (sometimes as low as 70€). Battery replacement itself takes less than 20 minutes of your time provided you have iFix toolkit & video support. They are awesome, but others have already said that so I can only add another positive experience with them…

So far I’ve not experienced a single issue, so for a vintage Mac with no support I’d never choose an expensive road.


I’ve decided my MBA battery needs replacing and I’m going to do it myself.

Was going to pick up this: , but they’re out of stock until mid-August.

Are there any reliable/trustworthy outlets to grab a battery from in Melbourne that I could pick up from today/this week?


I just bought one of these and installed it, delivery was bloody fast (so it really was coming from Australia!) and it’s reporting 102% health with a total capacity just over 7200mAh. Tools were included and install was fool proof.

It’s only been in since last Thursday, but so far so good.


Went to buy it… “Out of stock”.



boooooo :frowning:

Wonder if it’s just that time of year… people stuck inside… looking for something to fix :stuck_out_tongue:


Found other sellers on eBay with the same battery. Just ordered, should have it early next week.

edit: fuck’s sake, just got an email from the seller that it’s not in stock. I JUST WANT A GODDAM BATTERY.


So, an update on the battery situation.

Ordered a battery from another eBay seller, they contacted me afterwards saying the same thing - none in stock, but happy to offer a refund. Emailed back and said “yeah, refund please”.

At around the same time the original seller emailed and said “Hey sup, battery is back in stock, we’ve sent out the battery for you”. No word from the second seller, and no refund yet.

I’m really not sure if there’s something dodgy/scammy going on here. Either way, it was all done through PayPal so it won’t be too hard getting it sorted, should it come to that.