Migration Assistant ... Adice?


Hi all

A friend of mine just bought herself a new MacBook Pro. Its one of those upgrades that was long overdue as her current MB is a 2009 model.

I went around to help her do the transfer. We decided to attempt a wifi Migration Assistant transfer - which started off fine, said 4 hours, let it go and eventually it went up a bit and then down in ETA 5 hours to 3 hours, eventually 2, then just stopped all together. It looks like its 7/8s complete from the progress bar but I’m not sure why it froze/stopped. But more importantly, what should we do now do you think? Re-attempt the transfer but maybe use a Time Machine backup, or what?


Wi-Fi. Migration Assistant.

Well, there’s your problem right there.


If you were to stop the transfer, you couldn’t guarantee that any of the data will be valid, so starting over in some form would be best.

WiFi is amazing… but not for transferring vast amounts of data. Grab an ethernet cable for the next attempt. Oh wait - that’s showing my age, and lack of interest in modern Macs I guess… Um - I guess Apple expects you to pay through the nose for an ethernet to USBC connector or something, do they??

At any rate, given the age of the previous machine, I’d suggest a manual transfer rather than Migration Assistant. I’m actually surprised it even said it would work. I thought it couldn’t handle much more than 5-6 years apart.