Mkv -> fcp7?



Let’s say I had a MKV file… (video track MPEG-H Part 2 /HEVC (H.265) Planar 4:2:0 YUV 10 Bit LE)

Say I wanted to play with that video in Final Cut Pro 7… which of course doesn’t like MKV’s…

Say I’ve already tried MP4Tools, VideoContainerSwitcher, remux, FFMPEGX, and VLC to re-wrap the file without success… (resultant files are either not recognised as a movie file, or have bad sample descriptions…)

What would you suggest to turn this into a win-free situation?

Currently the only option I’ve found that I almost works is Handbrake (which I don’t like due to its tendancy to change the light settings). When trying this solution however, whilst FCP accepts the file, reading at the correct frame rate etc - it is as if it is in slow-mo…




I use this software:

to convert mkvs to mp4s for use by iTunes. It should work with FCP also.


Looks capable… Trying v3 as v4 didnt seem to offer a trial option…

I’d hoped to be able to just re-wrap rather than re-encode to avoid any additional loss, but if the results are good enough, I’ll be happy with any solution - estimated time is only 36 minutes…


You could try MKVToolnix though I do believe it’s a front-end fo FFMPEG.


iVI has done a pretty good job… Can’t see any obvious loss of quality - however the original file claims to be 704x480, and the conversion comes out as “704x480 (640x480)” - side by side the convert appears to be proportionately smaller…

I’ll keep playing… damn anamorphic video.


Use Subler to change the container from MKV to MP4. No cross converting is nescessary as both formats are container type formats.

This is a bit like asking me whether you want a blue or red lunchbox. It doesn’t matter when you can put the contents of the blue lunchbox into the red one. Now dealing with older formats such as AVI or WMV is another matter altogether. In this day and age you shouldn’t have to.

Containered videos are dumb, all they know is that they are in a box. The only thing you may need is the remnants of Perian installed on your computer.


Hi Orestes :slight_smile:

Hadn’t tried Subler - did see its name mentioned somehwere… Just gave it a go, as certainly I’d rather simply change the container, but -

An invalid sample description was found in the movie

This was what a few other apps gave me as well…


Seems like you’ve got yourself a corrupted MKV file. It may need the treatment from Handbrake to massage it back into a workable file format. Handbrake is a bit more agricultural in its method but it will provide you with a working file nine times out of ten.


Yeah - I think it may have to be Handbrake :frowning:

I know people either love or hate it - generally speaking I think it does a great job - except that the converted files in my experience can have issues with changes of brightness - as if it suddenly decides the footage needs to be 25% brighter. Probably some little algorithm somewhere falling over…

Anyways - my MacPro5,1 has finally arrived (!), so I’ll adjourn this task until I’ve got it set up…