Modding an ATV1 - SATA HDD


Thanks :slight_smile:

The end of July was my target date as I’m catching up with my parents & brother next weekend, so was aiming to have it ready to hand over then. Touch-wood the installation process wasn’t as hard as I was anticipating (not a fan of power tools), so hopefully it will boot up and be ready to hand over in a few days.

I’m already anticipating the idea of setting up the “spare” ATV1 as well, so my (other) brother will have a back-up if required…

Boots up. Looking good. :slight_smile:



The project failed. Stopped working after just a few days. There was a black heat line on the protective tape around the SATA adapter board, so I’m guessing the $couple of dollar part that I used from China wasn’t cut out for the job.

In the end, I picked up an ATV2 from @PO15KA, hacked it to run Infuse, and copied the drive’s media over to an external drive, that’s now connected to my dad’s iMac.

My brother has taken to the change quite well, no major dramas! :slight_smile:

I reclaimed the ATV1… but am thinking it’s useful life is over now.