Mojave, Mo' Problems


I know 14.1 is going to drop soon, but I’m really beyond annoyed. Mojave runs perfectly on the 2015 15" MacBook Pro when I’m using it as a laptop. But setting it up with the peripherals (my Acer 4K monitor, Magic Mouse, Japanese keyboard), I’ve got some major issues that seem graphics driver related that were not present with these peripherals hooked up to the Mac Pro also on Mojave. One huge difference here is that the MacBook Pro 2015 is AMD/ATI, Mac Pro is Nvidia.

The mouse cursor simply isn’t fast enough for me. I maxed out the speed, and the latency is just painful. Same with moving windows. Also sometimes the text freaks out and I get like half the text rendered properly in Retina and the other half in non-Retina. Looks insane. This doesn’t happen on the built in screen. It doesn’t happen on the Mac Pro.

Oh, and it’s not the hardware either. Everything works perfectly in Linux Mint. A really beautiful experience running Linux in 4K. A far cry from where we were before my recent use of it.

Mojave Golden Master my rear.

Here’s an example, look at “others” compared to the other text elements. Sometimes it will be individual words in sentences in the same window:

Edit: I see .1 dropped. Updating. Edit 2: Text issue appears fixed, but latency with mouse, not so much.


props for thread title :+1: