Mojave upgrade won't accept my password


I have just installed Mojave over High Sierra on my 2013 MacBook Pro. It asks for my password at login but won’t accept the correct password. Any suggestions? I can’t find anything online. Rebooting in hope…


Update: I tried doing a resetpassword using Terminal in recovery mode. The new password is not accepted either. Looks like a full install coming up later this evening.


I’m just doing a cleanup on my 2012 Mini before I make a clone and do the Mojave thing. I gave HS a miss but I like the look of Mojave, a pity is not compatible with my 2010 Macbook (White). Looks like I will have to upgrade from that pretty soon.


Same issues with me.

Late 2015 27" iMac. 4 Ghz i7. AMD Randeon R9 M395X 4096. I installed RAM 32GB 2133Mhz DDR3.

Seems to be a not uncommon issue. I iwas able to use recovery mode to install a time machine backup from Saturday.

undecided if to do a clean install of Mojave or just wait for 10.14.1


Interested to know if you can either login using single-user mode (then su’ing to your regular user account), or login to the root user, getting to the desktop that way, then resetting your user password from your own install of macOS?

I think I had a similar issue a few years back. Can’t remember how I solved it, but I vaguely recall it had something to do with my user ID changing from 501 to… something else. A quick Google doesn’t turn up anything particularly helpful, but I’d be interested to see if you can login to your account in any way.


Nothing I tried worked so I just wiped my hard drive and did a fresh install. Now to get everything back…



Did a clean install let you login OK.


Yep. iCloud is busy restoring most of my stuff. Hopefully I can connect to Time Machine later this evening to bring back a a few odd folders. Nice to have a fresh install but I wasn’t planning on doing it that way this time. Never had an issue like this before (since Panther).


Why doesn’t this place just have a General Mojave thread? Anyway, upgraded today and I fricken love it. Dark Mode is awesome, as is Stacks, and I love the screenshot utility. I guess I do more tinkering when a new OS comes out and I reckon some of the tweaks I did probably aren’t new to Mojave.


I grew tired of dark mode very quickly as some apps don’t support it and I found over time that it was harder on my eyes.
Over all I like Mojave but I wouldn’t say I love it as I’ve run in to an issue that (to me) is quite major - none of the utilities I used to use to create USB installers for Seirra/High Sierra work any more. Fortunately we haven’t updated my wifes’ Air so I should still be able to use that to create a USB installed for High Sierra


test test test! :slight_smile:

most of my work is done in a browser or remoting to the office so I wouldn’t be considered a thorough user of macOS.

Maybe Apple could make the appearance dynamic like the new desktop. Each app could have 2, 3, 4 shades and the appearance could change over the course of a day. Light Mode during the day, Night Mode during the evening. And perhaps even a Transition or Dusk/Dawn intermediate setting.