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Variety is saying Beats had a Sonos competitor in the works, but had to scrap it after they were acquired by Apple. It’s reported Beats’ wireless speaker was capable of streaming from a number of sources including Pandora and Spotify, and the company probably better known for its headphones and earphones was looking to introduce larger speakers for the living…

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Given the demise of Instacast, I am seeking recommendations on a replacement (I did not use Instacast Cloud).

For example, why Overcast over Pocket Casts, or Pocket Casts over Overcast?

Whereas I almost exclusively listen to podcasts on my iPhone, a handoff style feature wold be nice (i.e. continue on another device where a podcast was paused).


I’m with Justin on this one. During the work week, Modular is definitely my face of choice - on the weekend, I have less I need to care about, and thus less displayed on my watch.