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Apple’s latest micro-site explains why there’s nothing quite like an iPhone, complete with snazzy animations and parallax-scrolling. In keeping with their recent “if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” ad campaign, Apple says that they believe phones should be more than just a collection of features, running through other features that make the iPhone unlike any other. A…

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I am super, super picky about TV show tracking apps and iShows 2 is by far the best. I was previously using iTVShows 3, which was pretty much spot on with one big exception: it would routinely fail to return any results for new shows. I’d hear about an upcoming show and search for it in iTVShows, and get no results - even though the show would be found in TVRage and TVDB.

A lot of other apps also don’t have timezone support, which leads to things like a show being listed as “airing today” when it’s actually tomorrow. iShows 2 adjusts for local time by default which is excellent. I also really like being able to change to a different piece of fanart (i.e the poster or banner that’s displayed for a show).

I have been periodically hunting for new TV show trackers for ages and now I can stop :slight_smile: