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The rumour roundup from 9to5Mac of Apple’s event this week would be a spoiler of the entire thing, if it actually had anything of substance. It’s nothing you don’t already know if you’ve been keeping up to date with the Apple rumour mill, but still — if you want your Apple event experience to be spoiler-free, I’d stay away so…

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Just wanted to point something out as well, while we’re talking about new iPhones. I don’t think it matters what Apple announce at this point, because you know people are going to buy the new iPhone anyway. Or more accurately - even if they made such a huge change that they pissed off many consumers, the sheer volume of iPhone sales mean that it’d have to be monumental screwup in order to make any kind of difference in iPhone sales.

I don’t think people accurately understand how big of a business the iPhone has become: fully two-thirds of Apple’s revenue comes from the iPhone, and the rest is everything else. That means that iPads, iPods, Macs, and even iTunes, the largest music store in the world, all of that combined doesn’t even add up to what the iPhone is doing in terms of sheer numbers.

It’s actually insane.

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