Multiple Versions of same software on Mac


I am using a mac mini.
After having issues after upgrading to Mojave, I found info on TechRadar and checked for 32 bit software on my mac.
I was surprised to find that I have iMovie 9 as well as 10.10, and old and new versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint for mac as well.
Can I delete these old 32 bit versions, or are they somehow underlying the new versions? I can see they are in a folder called Office 2011.

My microsoft apps are part of an Office 365 subscription.


You should be able to delete them. Incompatible software is usually moved to its own folder. I have some very, very old software I keep running, including multiple older versions of software. I think it’s pretty normal.


@normbay - In the case of Office - it just comes down to whether you want the ability to leave the subscription service and still use the software…

Generally speaking there shouldn’t be an issue deleting old copies. But I for example have about 3-4 copies of iMovie software, because different versions had different features that I’ve needed at one point in time or another.

(Also, it’s possibly worth noting I’m a software hoarder, so… )