My New Neighbours Are Wonderful


I’m undecided whether this is ridiculously funny, or just ridiculous.

So, I currently rent a house in the suburbs just outside of Adelaide’s CBD. I’ve been there for 3 years, give or take. Last year, construction started on a new house across the street. Then, two months ago, the new owners moved in.

That’s when the fun started.

The owner manages a construction company himself. I know, because he’s started parking his obscenely long work truck across our driveway at times, making it rather difficult to get my car out some mornings.

I consider myself a reasonable neighbour. Not perfect, but considerate of others around me. So I figured “ah well, it’ll be over once he finishes the concreting”. I decided to let him be, moving is stressful, work still to be done on the house, all that. I’m sure when our place went up in 1994 it was noisy and inconvenient for others around too. Some understanding is a good thing.

Then, I hear him outside, standing in the street shouting -

“I’ll fire up the mixer at 6:30 AM. They’re only renters over there, if they don’t like it, they can leave!”

Shots fired.

Now I’m graced with the presence of his truck, parked across my driveway on our side, his Porsche parked on the other, and a BMW parked behind behind the truck in front of our house. I’ve started keeping a can opener in the glovebox so I can get my damn car out sometimes.

Which is bad enough, really. The occasional 5:30 PM “shouting obscenities at the wife” is a nice peaceful sound to come home to as well.

But ranting aside, this brings me to around a week ago. When my ADSL was disconnected in the process of connecting his internet service. After waiting a week for iiNet to arrange for Telstra Wholesale to come fix it, our connection was back in business. (Albeit at a lower downstream sync rate than before.)

It appears to be at the detriment of his internet service though, because now he’s apparently been cut off. I know this, because he’s standing on our side of the street, looking at the telephone pole, shouting to a customer service rep at Telstra about how he “needs internet to run a business” and doesn’t give a s#!t about whether someone else gets cut off to do it.

If mine ends up disconnected again, I’ll be beyond livid.

But unfortunately, throwing back to what he said, it’s somewhat true. If we don’t like it, we can leave. We’re the renters. All I’d be out is the $2-3k for a security bond when I break the lease, which is contracted until November next year. Plus whatever it costs to relocate, of course. (All as I prepare to leave the workforce and return to study. Even better.)

But from what I can see, there is no alternative. I’ll refrain from judging his character, but he doesn’t seem to be the reasonable type. Starting a fight sounds like a decent option if I want some budget dental work, or perhaps find out what the bare metal under the paintwork on my car looks like.

At the moment, I’m just trying to lay low and keep the peace. How long that remains a viable option though, I’ll have to wait and see.

Rant over.


Set fire to his house. Problem solved.


Renters have as many rights as owners in NZ, if not more. Have you looked into your options? First call i would make is to your landlord. I’m sure s/he would like to retain good tenants.


You could complain to the council about him blocking your driveway… He may realise it’s come from you though…


Just when I thought we were going to get a positive post from you, @iMic.


Not a fan of the semi-inane rambling, I take it.

I suppose I’ve been a bit light on the upbeat comments as of late. I’ll think of something nice to throw in.

Good call. Although I’m not exactly sure what they could do. I think as @cosmichobo said, any complaints would be easy to trace, and would only open up a world of potential other issues. As I said, this doesn’t seem like the most reasonable fellow and while I’m confident we do have some rights, if it comes at the expense of essentially painting a target on myself, chances are I’d end up needing to move away from here anyway.


I think @bennyling was being more light hearted than that. :slight_smile: Sorry to hear about your neighbour woes. He sounds like a right jerk. I’d definitely call the council if he’s blocking your driveway!


Councils often have laws RE running a business from a domestic premises… maybe that’s a less obvious possibility.


Oh for sure, and nothing intended there to Benny - hell, he’d probably be right, my recent posts do likely come across as a bit dark and cloudy. There’s some good stuff to post about, all in the pipeline at this stage, but not too far off.


Sounds like a bully. You could always confront him and firmly ask him to stop being such a douche-canoe. And if he’s as unreasonable as you think maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll hit you, and you can have him arrested :wink:


Do not confront him! Do not let him know your issues with his behaviour yet.
If you see him on the street, unless he says hi to you first, you don’t say hi at all.
I know this type, I’ve worked with similar for a while now. They are dumb but that’s their strength.
Most likely he’s in debt up to his ears. The worsche and the nazi sled are just to show off.

Keep record of everything, photos or videos of him blocking the driveways etc etc.

Like I said before, it’s the alpha male dominance he’s trying to establish but if you be cool and don’t let your guard down most likely he will ease up.
See if you and your partner can park your cars in front of your house/driveway before he does. Play ignorance

Trust me in no time he will move on.


I’ve never understood the mentality that renters are somehow less worthy of tenancy than owners. My parents and I have been renting for my whole life and wouldn’t change it.

Why should you have to uproot your life and all the expense and headache that entails because of some douche who thinks he owns the street?

You are just as entitled to live where you do as he is.


In 1968 71% of Aussies owned their own home. Today (ok - 2016), that rate has declined, but still higher than renters, at 65%. Owning a home in Australia has always been seen as a life goal, even if it is becoming harder to achieve (market crash pending).

I’ve been both, and frankly I’d rather not be renting like we are now, if for no other reason than the finances - broadly speaking as long as you are staying in the same area for a reasonable period of time (3- 5 years at least), it’s better to buy - you’ll have a good chance of getting your “rent” back when you sell.

I don’t see renters as inherently being lesser citizens, but yes, fact is there’s plenty of things you can’t (easily) do if you rent. (Like the decision to get a dog, which we are currently going through with our landlord.)

However if @iMic 's neighbor does turn out to be an ongoing issue, he is at least in the position to move on, even if he waits for his lease to expire. Bad neighbour, and (both) home owner(s)? That’s not as easily remedied.


“There’s an app for that!”

There’s an app called Snap, Send, Solve that lets you quickly and anonymously report things to the council and attach a photo/time/details. For instance, if they’re parked over your driveway or are using power tools at 6:30am. I know it seems a bit passive aggressive or whatever, but I wouldn’t want to approach my crazy aggressive neighbours either - I’ve used the app to report their car constantly parked across our driveway blocking access completely, and they must have got a fine or a notice, because it stopped almost immediately and they haven’t done it again since. It probably seems a bit harsh, but it’s better than risking a physical confrontation or tipping them off, and ultimately they’re the ones doing the wrong thing. Also, petty vengeance is super satisfying!


Just make sure you take the photos away from your property, otherwise if they are presented as proof it will be visible which angle they were taken from.


Imic check with your council… We had a neighbour here running a business from home… If he us starting machinery to do something at home they will stop it


I’ll keep it in mind. Not much happening at the moment, other than the occasional truck parked in the middle (across both sides) of the road.

The house is still being built so maybe the situation will settle down after that’s done, although chances are that won’t be for several months still.


We’re all adults here which is why I recommend


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