Myer out of Mac?



May not be news?? But Myer Geelong has no Mac or AppleTVs on display any more…




I noticed this when I wanted to buy a MBP last year - Myer Werribee only had one MBA model (from memory), an iPad and the iPod. Ended up going next door to JB HiFi who happily price matched Myer.

There’s very little markup on Apple products, so I’m guessing it’s not worth it for them. Most people aren’t going to go to Myer to buy an Apple product, instead they’ll probably go to an Apple Store or an dedicated electronics store, such as JB, Hardly Normal, etc. Maybe they’ll just keep stock at their flagship stores.


I’ve purchased Apple gear from Myer a few times (MacBookPro and iPad) - simply as a stepping stone in price wars - find a big centre, go from one stockist to the next asking for the best price. Doesn’t always work, but saved $150 on the MacBookPro and I forget on the iPad.

Myer isn’t “my store” normally. I guess from what you read in the news, they likely are looking for more high volume high profit products to sell at the moment, rather than Apple products that sit around taking up real estate.


Myer just seems like a dead man walking. Go up to the 6th/7th Floor in Myer Melbourne and there’s hardly anyone there (except at Xmas when they have Santa etc). The electronics section is a ghost town. I can’t believe they keep it open. The one time I needed something (I had to buy an Apple Pencil 2 for someone at work) they didn’t have any in stock. I predict Myer will be gone within ten years as online shopping becomes more and more popular the bricks and mortar model simply becomes unsustainable.


David Jones will go first… But yep.

My boss got in bed with Myer about 15 months ago. One of my responsibilities is debtors. I’ve been told to not give them a day longer than their terms, cos of concern that they will not be able to pay. (And - like I’m going to be able to do anything about it if they don’t pay?!) Only thing in our favour, is apparently our stock is walking out the door, so is providing good cashflow for them. (But that said - it’s not like the profits would be propping the whole business up!)