New Features Wish List



Dear Apple, what I would dearly like to see on your next Mac is -

How would you complete that sentence? Some new hardware feature, or maybe a software function? Something borrowed from another OS, or perhaps something you’ve thought of?

For me… well, what I’d love is full true home integration… but I guess to be fair, given that I use a lot of older tech, I can’t really comment as I know things like Airplay and Handover allegedly do work (better for some than others), so perhaps really it’s just a matter that I need to get up to date…



  • current gen processors
  • latest nvidia GPU
  • ability for user to replace RAM and SSD.
    otherwise, an open slate. I don’t think my list is at all unreasonable.


On the issue of upgrades… I think particularly when (Apple) computers are back to costing an arm and a leg, they have to expect the customer will want to get as much usage out of them as possible, and that means upgrades… Of course, I know some products have increased in price in the US as well, but whilst it’s only the foreign markets bleating… Apple probably wont care.


I might also add that the base model 15 inch MBP should not cost more, and be completely flogged in performance by a tricked out Dell XPS


A genuine return to the ease of the Power Mac cases or even the G5/Mac Pro cheese grater.

I owned two G4 (Gigabit Graphite, Quicksilver) towers and I just got that Octocore Xeon 2008 Mac Pro, and point is, I was running Leopard on the G4s in 2008, I kid you not, and my 2008 Mac Pro runs better than my 2012 Mac Book Pro.

I needed a dedicated editing rig and I have never had anything as fast or as capable in Premiere as the 2008 Mac Pro. And I can still toss significantly more RAM in, upgrade the processors to 3.2Ghz from 2.8, do RAID 0 fun stuff, upgrade to a far more capable set of GPUs, etc. There’s no telling if it’ll run 10.13, but it sure as hell is fine in “unsupported” 10.12! And I’m generally going to assume it will, with a sufficient patch of some sort.

This was an insanely expensive machine in 2008 (looks to have been about US$4000 from my research), and I paid a tiny fraction of that, and with small upgrades of what I had lying around, it’s still super capable. Hard to believe this is a 9 year old machine from my vantage point. And given the upgrades, I’ll hazard to guess it will last quite a few more years.

Apple needs to make me something I’m willing to drop US$3000 or $4000 on but then will last 10 years. I’m extremely conservative, I change very slowly. I drop programs with great resentment, and I’ve only JUST started working with 720p and 1080p at 60FPS in my projects. My last significant project was still 480p. I just want to be able to slowly add capability over time. With Apple’s current offerings… I can’t.


I want a 13 inch Mac Laptop that has a quad core CPU of the latest generation, a discrete GPU, upgradable Ram and storage, a retina display, Touch ID, MagSafe and a good range of ports. Ideally an optical drive, but thats never gonna happen. I’m fine with the non retina pro case, surely its thick enough to deal with the heat of a quad core CPU and a discrete GPU. Or even just an Iris Pro and a quad core GPU. My current machine (the mid 2012 Pro) is still great for me… but who how much longer it will be! I hope to get to 8 years with it, but we’ll see. There is literally nothing to replace it with.

I’d also like my next Mac to sync notifications better with my phone. If I could see all my notifications from my iPhone on my Mac like I do with the Apple Watch I’d be very pleased!


A return to user upgradablility. We don’t need that much thin.


I think they should offer both - thin for those who want it, upgradability, longer battery life etc for those don’t need the thin.


Well… thats what they did. Macbook Air, then Macbook. They did NOT need to make everything thin

"The Mac Pro Lives"

Oh don’t worry, I agree! Just whenever I say anything along those lines I cop a grilling on here :stuck_out_tongue:


Back in the day, everyone who saw my TAM used to look at the side-on view, do a double-take, and then ask where the rest of the computer was.

Compared to modern iMacs, the TAM was mortally obese… yet they managed to fit “everything” into it! Didn’t compromise… Didn’t drop the CD, or the floppy, or the anything…


You and me both…


Kyte and Oldmacs already stated what I want too.


Delivery, not content.


Actually it doesn’t seem to matter!


I’d like the capability to run all the programs I’ve painstakingly bought and learned over the years only to have upgrades render them obsolete!!


I’d like my Adobe Premiere 6.x back, please.


I like to feel like I could go back and use MS Word 5.1a and not miss anything that 27 years of updates has brought to the party… May just have to give that a shot one day…

But - for the most part - when I have found myself using old software, or old OSes, you’d be surprised how much you start to miss…


Premiere Pro doesn’t have rubber bands. 6.x has rubber bands. I miss my rubber bands. I want them back. And Adobe hasn’t cared in 15 years to return them to me.