New ipads and Macs - Event October 30



I literally bought a new iPad Pro yesterday. Debating whether to return or not.


I have saved enough for a mid-spec new Mac Mini. Fingers crossed!


Did you buy from Apple direct? If so your return date is the date of the annoucement. :slight_smile:


I’d expect such a machine to be at least $2k… was what what you’ve saved? I expect the new mini if it’s real to be a server focussed machine, not a cheap desktop computer. i.e. the internals of a 13-inch MacBook Pro (the Touch Bar ones - i.e. I expect T2 chips, SSDs only, hopefully a quad core i7 etc.).


I mean, if you need it you need it, but I would return it if it wasn’t going to cause too much disruption to my business etc.


Yep. That would be fine. Cheaper than replacing my current, 5 year old MacBook Pro with a new one.


And no ability to upgrade storage or memory?


How likely are we to see a new MacBook Pro?


No chance I’d say as they were only refreshed a short time ago and an update that quickly would really annoy me if I’d just bought an updated model.


That’s what I figured, yeah.


Never say never, they have done it before after all with the iPads in 2016 breaking their usual cycle, although the MBPs have only been out since July so it’s probably a safe bet.

As for what will be released, at this point it’s all rumour isn’t it? Is there anything confirmed or leaked or anything otherwise?

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