New iPads in 2019


Sadly it looks like my daughters iPad Mini 2 is slowly packing it in. The touch screen is starting to have issues down one side and while it still performs bloody well for a five year old device, it does chug along with some new titles. That iPad Mini 2 really was an excellent piece of kit too and I’m sad they stopped keeping the iPad mini in line with the full-size iPads in terms of CPU… or at all updated lately.

So I’m about to be in the market for a new iPad and the idea of a larger unit with her own Apple Pencil has my daughter pretty excited… now to see if her current mini can hold out for a little bit longer under her birthday in a couple of months (or at least until Apple release new models). While I’m sure the 2018 iPad with it’s Pencil 1 support would be just fine, I’d much prefer the 2019 model since it’s usually at the same price point (well until recently new products stayed at the old price).

So what do you think the new iPads will bring?


I don’t think the iPad Pros will be updated in 2019, or maybe not until late 2019. I expect a new 10.2 inch iPad to replace the current iPad 9.7 - probably the same casing but slimmer bezels - to retain touch ID.

There looks like an iPad mini 5 is coming, though likely to the the existing case with a new processor (I’m betting on an A11 or A12… - will probably mirror whatever is in the new budget normal sized).


[quote=“Oldmacs, post:2, topic:4843”]
I’m betting on an A11 or A12… - will probably mirror whatever is in the new budget normal sized[/quote]

The mini 4 was a generation behind the larger 9.7inch iPad when it was released, I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for the A12 (maybe the A11).


The Mini 4 was released when the iPad Air 2 was the main iPad, the Mini 4 was essentially a shrunken down Air 2, but it had the A8 instead of the A8X. I could see the new Mini having an A12 (not the A12X) though maybe an A11 is more likely…


I guess I used the wrong word (generation) but as you correctly say the Mini 4 had an inferior A8 chip rather than the A8X. We’re just guessing however the smaller size and smaller battery of the mini form factor might influence Apple towards a processor that uses less power and generates less heat.

I still much prefer my iPad mini’s form factor if I’m holding it and watches TV shows or movies, where as I prefer the iPad 2018 if it’s sitting on my desk in a case (it’s a bit heavy for extended holding in ones hands IMO).


New iPad mini 5 rumoured to be released possibly in the 1st half of this year. Have to agree with others that it will probably (at best) get the A11 processor from 2017 which was in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The rumoured iPod Touch 7 will probably also get an A11.

iPad Gen 1, 01/2010, A4

iPad Gen 2, 03/2011, A5

iPad Gen 3, 03/2012, A5X
iPad mini 1, 10/2012, A5
iPad Gen 4, 10/2012, A6X

iPad mini 2, 10/2013, A7 - !!! good
iPad Air 1, 10/2013, A7

iPad mini 3, 10/2014, A7 - !!! bad
iPad Air 2, 10/2014, A8X

iPod Touch 6, 07/2015, A8
iPad mini 4, 09/2015, A8
iPad Pro12.9, 09/2015, A9X

iPad Pro 9.7, 03/2016, A9X

iPad Gen 5, 03/2017, A9

iPad Pro10.5, 06/2017, A10X
iPad Pro12.9, 06/2017, A10X

iPad Gen 6, 03/2018, A10

iPad Pro11.0, 10/2018, A12X
iPad Pro12.9, 10/2018, A12X