New iPhone pulling in someone else's photos


G’day all

I bought my first iPhone yesterday and set it up last night. To my surprise it has pulled all of my dad’s photos in (>3000 of them). Dad and his Mac live 300 km away and I maintain his computer. My iPhone is only a 32GB SE and I don’t really want it to sync with my own photo library (let along my dad’s). I assume this has happened via iCloud syncing.

I’m thinking of starting over with the set but how do I prevent this happening again? I have a Mac and an iPod touch and have never seen this with either of them.



If you log into iCloud using your account do you see his library? Are you logged into iCloud on his machine? Does he have his own iCloud account? Are you using iCloud Family?

Sounds like your identity is attached to his iCloud Photo Library. You just need to disable Photos in the iCloud settings of his Mac if that’s the case, then remove/add iCloud to your iPhone again.


Thanks gehenna. Time to visit my dad then!




No one understands the cloud…

I made sure my folks iMac and iPhone/s (which I mostly also manage) were on their own Apple ID…


Not just me then! Some things have synced to the new iPhone but others (health data for instance) haven’t.


Yip. Nothing good ever comes of sharing an identity.