New MBA and MBP with MBA price drop!

New MBA with fourth gen butterfly keyboard and 400 nit screen, 8th gen dual core i5. New entry price $1699 compared with old entry price $1849

New base 13 inch MBP with fourth gen butterfly keyboard, 500 nit screen and Touch Bar and most importantly, quad core i5 with double the eDRAM of the previous model. New entry price $1999 compared with old entry price $1899.that sucks as the price did not increase in yankieland.

rMB for the scrap heap.

SSD upgrades in CTO machines have also dropped in price from extortionate to merely high priced.


And the 2017 MacBook Air is discontinued. Rest in piece the last remaining reliable keyboard and MagSafe. Glad I upgraded my Mum to one a couple of weeks ago.

There are rumours of a return to the scissor keyboard, perhaps in a new MBP.

Which was the first butterfly keyboard? I may be up for a new second hand MBP but don’t want one that’s going to give me grief.

Even the most recent butterfly keyboards are still more troubled than the old keyboard. Even the most recent MacBook Pro and Airs from this week were added straight onto the keyboard replacement program which can not be a good sign.

The 3rd gen butterfly keyboard was the first to have the silicon barrier but apparently it still has issues, and the revision to the 3rd gen apparently also has issues.

Honestly, the best laptop keyboard in my view is whatever is on the 2006 MacBook Black, of all of my devices, even compared to the MacBook Pro 2008-2012 keyboard, or my 2015 MacBook pro, that thing is awesome. The 2008 MacBook White is a lesser quality plastic and the travel doesn’t seem as good even though it is supposedly the same as the 2006 MacBook Black.

Because I now work in IT, I am now getting incredibly picky about keyboards, and I will be moving over to very serious mechanical keyboards for desktop applications. I’m starting to seriously consider toting around a TKL or a 60% mechanical and a mouse with my laptop (which isn’t much of a LAP top anymore) for any serious work I want to get done on the go. About the only real way my laptop keyboards get use is in bed, because then obviously extraneous keyboards and mice are not viable.

I’ve never used a Black MacBook keyboard but my experience has been that the MacBook Pro 2008-2015 was better than the white unibody and non unibody keyboard.

After setting up my Mum’s 2017 Air, I also felt that keyboard felt slightly nicer than my own (mid 2012 Pro) keyboard. That might just be because mine has been used quite heavily.

I don’t know what it is, but the keyboard on the 2006 on the Black is way better than whatever they used on the White. The white feels like significantly vinferior materials, and been the white unibodies or pros do not feel as good.

Rather interesting. One day I’d love to track down a black polycarbonate MacBook.

Rocking a 2014 MacBook Pro again that I picked up recently after I regretted selling my 2015 to @kionon (not really, but the Air wasn’t all I hoped it’d be!). Paid for a battery replacement (whole top case) and had display done under the repair program. Those rMBP keyboards (2012-2015) feel a bit spongy to me now compared to the space grey Magic Keyboard w/ Numberpad on my desk, which I still maintain would be the best mech to go in Apple’s laptops. It really annoys me that you can’t have the same key feel on a laptop on the go and when docked with a display, kb and mouse. Back in the previous USB extended kb days, they were practically the same as the 2012-2015 laptops. Good times.

Also, I agree it’s a pity we got a price raise on the entry level Pro, but happy they dropped the Air. :+1: And the laptop line makes sense again too which is nice.

It would make so much more sense if they dropped the Air badging (MacBook and MacBook Pro) but I guess the Air brand is too synonymous.

I sure don’t!

That’s my main work Mac. The iMac I was issued is older and less powerful and I don’t even have it plugged in or on my desk. Instead I have the MBP hooked up to an 27" SyncMaster and I use a 60% mechanical keyboard (Mac layout) from Fujitsu.

I’d love it if someone was able to answer my question… which was the first MBP with the butterfly keyboard?

MacBook Pro (2016).

Thanks, John :slight_smile:

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