New purchases thread!


Space black series 2 watch :slight_smile:

Also a new Apple TV, some Chuck IIs, some Ray-Bans and some new PJs.


VideoPro had a good price on the Sony MDR ZX770BN headphones, so I grabbed a pair.

Also a Raspberry Pi 3, 8MP “NoIR” camera module and a battery backed real-time clock module. Not related to the above, but the Pi3 does have Bluetooth, so I may try getting them to work together.


Let the tinkering begin!

At the moment it’s sitting next to one of the computers on a long ethernet cable… will have to see where it works best and if I need a second one or not.

Ubiquity Access Points

Nice units with good throughput in my experience


I am completely in love with the AirPods I got for Christmas. So freaking amazing.


A pair of Etymotic ER4SR Earphones. A very nice upgrade from my old Shure SE215’s.


These UniFi’s are the absolute boss. So happy with my single one that covers the whole house! It’s positioned in the middle of it which probably helps heaps!

So in other news, I finally got my CTO MacBook Pro 2016 Touch!
Man it’s beautiful - so nice to use. Haven’t quite got used to the touch strip just yet, but it’ll come with time I guess!


I’m looking at putting mine up in the ceiling but am debating if I add a second one at the other end of the house or not. As it is it already covers the whole house but I’m getting 35MB/s transfer rates at the front and 2.5MB/s at the back with my 2013 rMBP.

The front of house is where I am 99% of the time (and the kids are at the back) so this works for me :wink: and while I could trade off a little speed and improve the back performance I’m tempted to just add a second one out back for speed everywhere!

That said when it goes up in the roof space it will likely change the coverage a little so I might just wait and see what happens (although I’ll probably get two cables installed in the roof space at the same time since pulling 1/2 into that space will be virtually the same cost).


Depends on the makeup of your roof/ceiling space. Our sparky at work decided to put one of our Aerohive AP’s in the ceiling when he was painting the tiles. He didn’t let us know, and as a result the entire office it covered had a huge reduction in coverage and throughput. Though he did put it in the ceiling with the internal antenna’s facing up instead of down, LOL so YMMV :slight_smile:


Just ordered a Fuji XE2S as a second body and a macro lens :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t have thought that mounting it in the ceiling was a good idea, on the ceiling yes but not in the actual roof cavity as even the ceiling covering (gib/cement fibre/whatever) that has to be penetrated to let the signal out will degrade it quite a bit.


Yeah he was a muppet for doing it. It’s back to normal now :slight_smile:


Pick this up today, Now still trying to get the memory sorted.


Purchased back on Jan 5, arrived today direct from a Chinese warehouse.

It’s a Xiaomi M365 electric scooter!


Which OS are you going to be running on it? I’ve been contemplating doing something like this for a while, for when my mac gear isnt adequate for what I want to do (thats not now). I’ll be very interested to see how it goes. Do make progress updates :slight_smile:

Alternative to a Mac thread

I’d also be very interested in updates on this as I quite simply can’t justify the cost of a new Mac configured how I want it so it might be a move back to Linux or Windows for me as the cost is well over $1000 cheaper and much as I love OS X it’s not $1000 worth of love…

Alternative to a Mac thread

Grabbed myself a new Silverstone CS380 case for my home server last week. It’s great. 8 hot swap bays powered by two ata connectors on the backplane. Upgraded the server OS to Windows Server 2016 too. Currently got about 19TB in there.


Very tidy setup with clean cable routing.


Nice. How would these handle steep hills?


Yeah that was the aim with the case. The last case was too tightly packed so airflow was a problem and this new one has fans directly on the drive bays which is great.